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Legendary 90-year-old film score composer John Williams, who has previously indicated the upcoming “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” would be his final film score, has walked back his retirement plans.

In June last year, Williams indicated he was possibly considering retirement after more than six decades and one hundred films under his belt. At the time, he was finishing up the final score for the fifth Indy film which would serve as his swan song.

Cut to this week, and Williams and Steven Spielberg are currently making the rounds for awards season for “The Fabelmans”, which marked their latest work together in a five decades-long professional collaboration.

EW reports that while sitting down with Spielberg at a special event on Thursday night reminiscing about their collaborations as director and composer, Williams revealed he’s not actually retiring saying: “I’ll stick around for awhile. I can’t retire from music. A day without music is a mistake.”

He adds his longtime partnership with Spielberg is a big reason he does not want to retire: “One thing Steven isn’t is a man you can say no to”, he quipped. That drew a laugh from Spielberg, who added: “I just found out he’s not retiring.”

Williams explained that Spielberg’s father worked at the Shoah foundation until he was 101 or 102, with Williams joking that “I’ve got ten years to go.” This led to Spielberg saying he has to figure out what he was directing next to make sure to give Williams a project to work on.

At last report, Spielberg is developing a new Bradley Cooper-led take on the Frank Bullitt story previously brought to the screen in 1968 with the Steve McQueen-led “Bullitt”.


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