Why The Goonies 2 Never Happened Despite Many Scripts Explained By Star

The Goonies star Ke Huy Quan discusses why the beloved 80s classic has never received a sequel, further hinting that The Goonies 2 may never happen.

The Goonies star Ke Huy Quan discusses why the beloved ’80s classic has yet to receive a sequel and, unfortunately, might never. Based on a Steven Spielberg story, The Goonies soon established itself as a classic when it was first released back in 1985. Helmed by director Richard Donner, The Goonies followed a group of kids who discover an old treasure map that challenges them to uncover the hidden treasure of a pirate named One-Eyed Willy. The Goonies saw Josh Brolin, Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, Jeff Cohen, Kerri Green, Martha Plimpton, and Quan star as the group of loveable misfits.


Given the immense affection that surrounds The Goonies even now, many have questioned why the film has never received a sequel. Now, speaking to the Golden Globes press room (via IndieWire) following his major win, Quan has opened up about why The Goonies 2 has never gotten off the ground. Quan shared how he has read multiple scripts for a potential Goonies sequel, but that nothing ever stood up to the original film. The star also referenced the passing of Donner, affectionately referring to him as “the captain of [their] ship.” Quan did, however, state that he would love to revisit his character Data in the future. Check out Quan’s full quote below.

We had numerous scripts, but there was not one script that felt it could live up to what the original was. Sadly we lost the captain of our ship Dick Donner, and I really don’t know if there’s going to be a ‘Goonies 2,’ but I would really love to revisit the character of Data if there is an opportunity.

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The Goonies 2 Probably Won’t Happen

Mikey Walsh holding a treasure piece in The Goonies

Over the years there have been whispers of a Goonies sequel and despite nothing ever being officially confirmed, fans of the original have still held out hope that The Goonies 2 may indeed happen one day. A number of Quan’s co-stars have echoed a similar sentiment when asked about The Goonies 2, with the consensus seeming to be that it would need to do right by the original. Last year, Feldman spoke candidly about the possibility of The Goonies 2, also sharing that the unfortunate passing of Donner made a sequel a lot less likely.

In an era where no film is safe from the remake or sequel debate, the idea of The Goonies 2 often sparks a mixed response from film fans. Having immediately enchanted audiences upon its initial release, and as it now captures the hearts of a new generation, The Goonies would naturally be a hard act to follow. While it would certainly be sweet to reunite with The Goonies once again after all these years, a sequel at this stage runs a high risk of disappointing audiences. While Quan expressed his interest in returning to the role of Data, it seems there is a certain hesitancy among The Goonies stars surrounding any attempts to replicate the magic of the original, a feat made even harder by the loss of their director.

Quan’s comments are certainly interesting and the prospect of long-lost scripts for The Goonies 2 is certain to intrigue many. It would be fascinating to learn what sort of story these sequel scripts laid out and just where the franchise could have been taken next should the original stars have been on board. While The Goonies 2 may never happen, Quan’s hope to return as Data may not be entirely quashed as Disney+ is currently in the process of creating a new series inspired by The Goonies titled Our Time, therefore there most certainly is a chance that Data could make his epic return to screen someday.

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