Why Players Who Enter The Circle Late Are Always At A Disadvantage

The Circle has captivated viewers and fans of social media since the American version launched in 2020, but not all players start on an equal foot.

Dozens of competitors have graced the past five seasons of America’s version of The Circle, but while the Netflix series routinely adds new players as the game progresses, these late additions always find themselves stuck with the same disadvantages. Since anyone can enter The Circle as themselves or a catfish, the only way to make it to the final vote and walk away with $100,000 is to not only retain a strong level of popularity but manipulate and align with equally strong players along the way. With several twists and turns introduced each season, The Circle has entertained viewers in the United States since 2020.


Hosted by comedian Michelle Buteau, The Circle has produced four winners, with a fifth around the corner after The Circle season 5 kicked off at the end of 2022. While the series returned with eight new players, several contestants have been introduced as late additions, such as The Circle season 1 runner-up Shubham Goel and Oliver Twixt. Unfortunately, while viewers had high expectations for fan favorite Shubham, it didn’t take long for him and his fake profile, “Sasha,” to be blocked by the other competitors. While there have been a few late players who have made it to the end, such as The Circle season 3 winner James Andre Jefferson Jr., there are many reasons why the impressive fare is rare.

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In the sad case of The Circle season 1’s Shubham and other late competitors who enter The Circle in the middle of the game, it’s easy for original players to block the others because they’ve already formed strong connections and solid alliances with one another. Raven Sutton, Marvin Achi, and Chaz Lawery quickly bonded on The Circle season 5, similar to Alyssa Ljubicich and Josh “Bru” Brubaker, who gravitated towards each other on The Circle season 4. Unfortunately, if players cast on The Circle join the social media competition too late, their chances of getting to the finale are slim to none, as it’s easier for the OGs to turn on them than one another.

Newcomers Aren’t Given Enough Time On The Circle

The strength of alliances on The Circle season 5, and seasons before, almost always directly correlates to when they were formed, which is why new players introduced later on have to work twice as hard to remain in the game. Like other Netflix reality competitions like Too Hot To Handle, one disadvantage that late additions have is that the show itself isn’t that long, with just over ten episodes from start to finish. If players like Jacki Jing from The Circle season 3, or even short-lived arrivals like Shawn Wells from Too Hot To Handle season 4, were given more time to bond with their competitors, they would’ve had the same, or similar, chances of survival as the others.

Despite the various advantages and disadvantages granted to those on The Circle, the interesting mix of truthful contestants and deceitful catfishes make for an entertaining season every time the show returns to Netflix. While former Big Brother houseguest Brett Robinson’s partnership with Xanthi Perdikomatis has been an unexpected success on The Circle season 5, Tasia Lesley has impressed her co-stars as “Tamira” despite being thrown in the mix halfway through. While everyone starting on an equal foot wouldn’t be as dramatic, it would solve the problem of disadvantages for new players on The Circle.

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The Circle is available to stream on Netflix.

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