Football Takes a Backseat as Star Player Departs His Team to Join a Reality Dating Show

When a player works hard to ensure their team’s success, it is only obvious that they get rewarded in return and receive the same level of loyalty they have shown. Normally, this return of gratitude takes place in the form of promotions, public appreciation, etc. But Macclesfield FC, a football club in England, has chosen a unique way of displaying its loyalty to one of its star players – by allowing him to leave the club, so he can join the reality television show, Love Island

Clare is a striker of the born-again Macclesfield FC since joining its ranks back in 2021 and has been one of the major players in aiding Robbie Savage, the head of football operations, in rebuilding the club’s reputation. Given that the last season saw Clare emerge as the club’s top goalscorer, he signed a new deal that is supposed to remain in force until 2024. 

But when he revealed his plans of joining the Love Island villa as one of its first bombshells when the show returns for its winter edition in South Africa, the club decided to give him an extended leave, thus allowing him to leave mid-season, in order to show the “same loyalty” he has maintained ever since he joined them.

The club released a public statement regarding the decision and assured Clare’s departure is only temporary.

The reaction to the announcement isn’t exactly bubbling with fans happy with the decision as many aren’t happy with the club allowing their player to push football to the sidelines. But some recognize it as the best decision Macclesfield could make seeing that if they had refused, Clare could have still joined the show and left the club for good. Severing ties with their bankable player would do them no good in the long run as he might simply sign up with a new club when he returns. 

The winter edition of the dating show is all set to kick off this Jan. 16.

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