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Having the strongest weapons is crucial to taking down machines in Horizon Forbidden West, so players want to use the best coils Forbidden West has to offer to upgrade their weapons. Coils are modifications players can attach to their weapons that grant them various bonus effects and stat increases to help Aloy during combat.

In Horizon Forbidden West, coils can be obtained from chests, as an item-drop from dead machines, as a reward for completing side-quests, or from merchants and stores. Coil modifications can be equipped by selecting which of Aloy’s weapons in Forbidden West players would like to upgrade in their inventory and selecting the modification they want to use.


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The Difference Between Coils & Weaves

Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West battling an enemy while holding a large gun that shoots electric blasts

Coils and weaves are both types of modifications; however, they have different uses. For example, coils can only be used to modify weapons in Horizon Forbidden West, while weaves are for modifying armor. In addition, the effectiveness of a coil or weave is determined randomly by its rarity, so players are going to want to use their strongest versions of each of their coils to get the most benefits. The rarity levels are:

Common Coils

Uncommon Coils

Rare Coils

Very Rare Coils

Legendary Coils

There are 40 different coils available for players to use to upgrade their weapons, and the best coils in Horizon Forbidden West are Legendary Coils. However, it’s important to note that coils don’t add status effects to normal weapon ammo. Thus, if players are using regular arrows, using the Fire coil that increases fire damage won’t do anything unless players are using Fire arrows.

Horizon Forbidden West’s Best Coils for Damage

The Best Coil Weapon Upgrades in Horizon Forbidden West

Players who don’t deal enough damage to take down machines fast in Horizon Forbidden West will want to use damage-boosting coils, which are great for shredding machines in every context. Consider the following options when looking for the best coils in Forbidden West for damage:

Coil Name


Tear Damage Coil

Increases tear damage to armor, allowing players to rip off machine parts easily.

Draw Speed Coil

Increases the speed Aloy can draw her weapon, allowing her to shoot more arrows in a faster time frame.

Impact Damage Coil

Increases impact damage.

Component Tear Coil

Increases tear damage to external resources.

For players who enjoy using elemental weapons, they will want coils in Horizon Forbidden West that can boost the damage of every elemental type, including Shock, Frost, Fire, Acid, Plasma, and Purgewater. In addition, there are also coils to increase Explosive Damage or increase Adhesive build-up, and coils that increase damage for two elemental types at once (such as Plasma and Shock).​​​​​​

Having trouble locating Legendary coils in Horizon Forbidden West? Check out the video walkthrough from Arktix on YouTube below to see where to find and farm all kinds of Legendary coils in Forbidden West!

These are also some of the best coils in Forbidden West to use in combination with coils that increase the chance of elemental effects. One coil which is great to use in conjunction with the above is the Instant Corroding Chance Coil, which causes enemies who are hit to instantly become corroded from impact, explosive, or acid damage.

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Players who have trouble with a specific quest in Horizon Forbidden West may want to use a coil tailored for a particular environment. For example, the Long-Range Damage coil increases damage from long-range, and the High Ground Damage coil increases damage when firing from higher ground, which is ideal for stealth and sniper missions. Drenched Enemy Damage increases impact and explosive damage against enemies in water, while Aerial Enemy Damage increases damage against flying enemies, so what the best coil is in Forbidden West can change depending on where battles take place.

Finally, certain coils are great for exploration and helping players take down machines as they run around Horizon Forbidden West’s open world. Agility Damage increases damage dealt while falling or sliding, which can be combined with Concentration Damage (which increases damage inflicted in concentration mode) to deal serious damage while on the move.

Coils like Knockdown Power (increases chance of staggering an opponent) and Knockdown Damage (increases damage against downed opponents) can help players wipe out smaller machines quickly while minimizing the damage Aloy takes. There is no one best coil in Horizon Forbidden West for all situations, but if players consider what challenges they are currently facing and plan accordingly there is sure to be a useful coil nearby.

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  • Horizon Forbidden West

    Horizon Forbidden West

    Original Release Date:

    Guerrilla Games

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Adventure, RPG, Action

    PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

    Sony Interactive Entertainment


    Horizon Zero Dawn


    Following the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West puts players in control of Nora tribe hunter Aloy, again as she races to stop a mysterious plague that threatens to kill off all organic life on earth. Aloy has been searching for a backup of the planet’s caretaker, codenamed GAIA, to help stop the world from falling into total disrepair. However, between the corrupted mechanical beasts that roam the land, warring tribes and self-established nations vying for control of large swaths of land will stand in Aloy’s way as she makes her way west. Players will utilize Aloy’s fusion of past and present as she utilizes unique futuristic and prehistoric tools to battle robots with bows, slings, and electromagnetic pulsing melee weapons as she battles her way over various detailed environments. Horizon Forbidden West was released on PlayStation consoles on February 18 2022.


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