Married at First Sight stars Olivia Cornu and Brett Lindsey initially hit it off, but they had too many problems. What’s Olivia up to now?

Olivia Cornu went through a lot during her relationship with Brett Lindsey on Married at First Sight season 11, and it’s time to talk about what she’s up to after participating in the popular series. Although fans sympathized with her, they also felt that she might have wanted a travel buddy more than a husband. Despite these mixed feelings among viewers, there is no question that the way Brett left his wife was unacceptable. During the COVID-19 lockdown, the camera crew was forced to stop filming, and Olivia went to visit her family. When she returned to their apartment, it was empty. Brett had even taken the food.


When Olivia and Brett were matched, fans believed that the two had what it took to make it to the end. Attraction was not an issue, and there was a great connection. However, they faced their first hurdle on their honeymoon. They were sitting with the other couples when someone asked how the pairs would rate their relationships so far. Brett declined to comment, as he felt it was insulting, but Olivia responded, and Brett was not happy. The conversation led to their first argument, and many more followed. While he felt strongly about living in the house that he had purchased, Olivia was not so sure. At the same time, Olivia wanted to travel, but Brett thought it was expensive and frivolous.

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Married At First Sight’s Olivia Has Been Busy At Work

The distance between the Married at First Sight cast members grew as time went on. Fans speculated that Olivia making more money than her partner created some tension. In light of the way that Brett left, divorce was the only option for Olivia. After the split, however, she has been living a happy, full life. According to Monsters and Critics, Olivia got the COVID-19 vaccine quickly during the pandemic. As a nurse practitioner, she was quickly inoculated. She documented the experience on Instagram.

Married At First Sight’s Olivia Got a Dog During The Pandemic

MAFS stars Henry Rodriguez and Olivia became fan favorites, as they seemed to be hanging out a lot. However, nothing about a relationship between them has been confirmed or denied. Olivia and Henry haven’t been seen together quite as often in recent months. Olivia has been spending plenty of time with her friends, and often posts about her COVID-19-safe adventures on Instagram. In addition, much of Olivia’s time has been dedicated to her pup, Eleanor. The dog is a mini Australian Shepherd that Olivia welcomed into her life in November 2020.

The Married at First Sight celeb hasn’t had much time to date. When the pandemic is over, she may be back out there, looking for her true love. Olivia didn’t find travel buddy she wanted on the show, but she did make great friends with other cast members, including Henry. Viewers may be able to look forward to a relationship between the pair sometime in the future. In the meantime, Olivia is simply enjoying her life. She’s taking it day by day, and doing her part to help during the pandemic.

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