The ship between Tim Drake and Conner Kent is one of the most popular in comics, and artist Luciano Vecchio highlights their love in gorgeous fanart.

One of the most beloved queer “ships” in all comics history is between Tim Drake, Batman’s third Robin, and Conner Kent, the clone of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor called Superboy, whose beloved intimate relationship has been perfectly immortalized in new fanart by Luciano Vecchio.

The queer shipping of Tim and Kon-El (Superboy’s Kryptonian name) has been around for years, with some documenting that it reached an early peak in 2003 during Young Justice Vol. 3, but in recent years “TimKon” shipping has reached new heights, with live action adaptations of both characters appearing in HBO’s Titans and animated versions featured in Young Justice. While the TimKon relationship has never canonically become romantic, the two have always been incredibly close – and even physically and emotionally intimate – so many fans still have faith they might get a canon adaptation one day.


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Superboy and Robin Look Adorable In Luciano Vecchio’s Fan Art.

Throughout their years in comics both Conner and Tim have relied on each other for emotional support during their tumultuous careers as young heroes, and have been depicted as being the closest friends out of the Young Justice teammates. Conner’s death at the hands of Superboy Prime during Infinite Crisis was a horrific moment for Tim Drake, who sobbed over the boy’s broken body, and even attempted to clone Conner once again without any success. The artist Luciano Vecchio – known for his Marvel’s Voices: Iceman comic, creating the new queer X-Men hero Somnus, and his upcoming creator-owned series Sereno – recently revealed an adorable piece of fanart celebrating the ship between Kon-El and Tim. Hilariously captioned, “In this house we’re #TimKon stans,” Luciano is clearly showing his passionate support for the TimKon ship, and the clear desire to see the two star crossed lovers become a canonical couple. Throughout DCs multiple reboots Tim Drake has remained a consistent character, but Kon-El’s origin, relationships, and teams have shifted often, making a canon TimKon relationship hard to imagine at times.

Hopefully One Day Fans Can Get A Canonical Superboy and Robin Relationship.

Superboy (Conner Kent) and Tim Drake's Red Robin talking in Teen Titans #92.

However, 2023 is a time for hope for TimKon fans, as Tim Drake is now officially an out bisexual and openly dating his childhood friend Bernard, both in comics and in the live action Titans show. While this does have anything directly to do with TimKon, it is encouraging that DC Comics has finally made Drake’s queerness canon, since much of the “evidence” of his bisexuality stems from his intimate relationship with Conner over the years. Tim and Conner’s loving friendship laid much of the groundwork for Tim’s monumental coming out in the Batman: Urban Legends #6 story “Sum Of Our Parts” – which saw Tim accepting a date from Bernard – and creators have acknowledged several times that Tim’s love for Kon-El has always been more than just that of a close friend. While Tim’s other most important canonical romantic relationship is with Stephanie Brown, the Bat Family member called Spoiler, Robin had an emotional coming out to Stephanie in the story “Elephant in the Room” – featured in 2022’s DC Pride: Tim Drake Special – after which he confided his reluctance to come out to Stephanie with Conner. Not only that, but after beating down some bad guys Tim and Conner shared an incredibly sweet moment where they held hands, a display of their intimate friendship, but also the possible romantic connection the two have, so beautifully depicted in Luciano Vecchio’s artwork.

There are still a lot of potential barriers to a canonical relationship being formed out of the ship between Robin and Superboy, like the fact that Tim Drake is in a happy relationship with Bernard and Conner is yet to come out as anything but straight, but fans can still hold onto Luciano Vecchio’s gorgeous fanart of TimKon until this potential future comes to pass.

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