How to Get Fiberglass in Fallout 76

Hunting down Wendigos or scrapping Composite Skis and Telephones are excellent methods for procuring the Fiberglass resource in Fallout 76.

Fiberglass is a Crafting Component in Fallout 76 that survivors will need to make a variety of lightweight armor, weapons, power armor, energy weapon mods, explosives, and workshop items. As a common resource, Fiberglass is relatively easy to find, as players will find dozens of stacks as they explore Appalachia, West Virginia. Nevertheless, those aiming to farm Fiberglass for their crafting recipes solely might run into trouble gathering the amount they need. The world of Appalachia is massive, but knowing the best spots to search for specific materials can be challenging.


Fiberglass can be found as random loot in Fallout 76 or deconstructed from specific types of Junk found throughout the world. For instance, if players scrap an Aluminum Canister, Industrial Cleaner, Telephone, or Composite Ski at a Workbench, the procedure will yield several spools of Fiberglass.

Junk Piles located in the Charleston landfill, Converted munitions factory, Dabney homestead, or Gorge Junkyard can also potentially have Fiberglass in their loot pool. However, the best scrap method for getting Fiberglass in Fallout 76 is deconstructing the many Composite Skis, and Ski Swords found at the Top of the World.

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Where To Farm Fiberglass in Fallout 76

Finding and Scrapping Composite Skis to Get Fiberglass in Fallout 76

The Top of the World is a landmark in Appalachia, located east of White Powder Winter Sports, south of the Seneca Rocks Visitor Center, and north of the Beckwith Farm. According to Fallout 76 content creator PoxiiPro, the Top of the World and its nearby winter resort contains an abundance of Composite Skis and Ski Swords that can be scrapped at a Workbench in Fallout 76 to make Fiberglass. While the area does have a few enemies, it is a generally quiet landmark, making it an excellent location for casually farming a good portion of Fiberglass stacks. Another decent spot for scrap-farming Fiberglass in Fallout 76 would be The Whitespring Resort, a location in the Savage Divide containing plenty of Telephones for scrapping.

Alternatively, Fallout 76 user PoxiiPro suggests that players farm Fiberglass by killing Wendigos, a nimble and terrifying Cryptid-type enemy mob found in multiple locations throughout Appalachia. Killing these creatures yields Wendigo Teeth, Loose Screws, Fiberglass, and other useful materials. Of course, the most optimal way to kill a great deal of Wendigos within a short period would be the Fallout 76 Public Event “A Colossal Problem,” during which players launch a nuke at Monongah Mine and defeat Earle Williams. Since Earle and the rest of the primary targets are Wendigos, completing this event can potentially net players hundreds of Fiberglass spools.

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