The movie, which also stars Danny Huston, arrives in theaters on February 10.

Religious horror focuses on the theme of good versus evil, light versus dark, the virtuous versus the demonic. The new trailer for Consecration fully embodies that theme and the descent into a world of darkness.

The trailer opens with a young woman, Grace, who finds out her brother has died. Not wanting to accept the story she’s being told about her brother’s death, she travels to Scotland to find out what happened. The quiet peacefulness and serenity of the convent and the Scottish landscape are simply masks of deception, as the young woman encounters nothing but falsities around every corner and from every person. While there, she notices strange, almost childlike behavior from one nun (the nun in question constantly popping up and saying “Peekaboo!”), and the standoffishness of both the head priest and the Mother Superior, who don’t act like they’re all too willing to help Grace figure out what happened. Grace notices odd rituals, such as the nuns walking backwards in a circle. The rituals seem beyond the normal rituals of silent reflection and prayer, and contribute to an already dark and foreboding atmosphere.


The trailer goes from the lightness of the good and virtuous, to the darkness and evil lurking in the convent, and then to lightness again. This may be an indication of the journey Grace takes to find out the truth. Director Christopher Smith, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, said he was inspired to make this movie because of his fascination with what he sees as the strangeness of religion, no matter the denomination. “I’m never more spooked out than if I walk into a church or a temple,” Smith said, then continued, “I went into a synagogue recently and found the atmosphere in there so electrically-charged. I don’t feel that in old houses. I wanted to make a movie about religion but do it seriously.” Consecration’s trailer definitely captures his aims.

Danny Huston in consecration
Image via IFC

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Released by IFC Midnight, Consecration also delves into Grace’s story as she deals with murder, sacrilege, and the truth about her past. The film stars Jena Malone, Danny Huston, Thoren Ferguson, Will Keen, and Janet Suzman. Laurie Cook, Casey Herbert, Xavier Marchand, and Jason Newmark all serve as producers, and Cook co-wrote the script with Smith.

Consecration will be in theaters on February 10, and will be available on VOD on March 3. Take a look at the spooky, creepy trailer and poster below:

consecration poster

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