AMC recently wrapped its critically acclaimed “Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire” series last Fall and launched “Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches” this past weekend.

Both shows hail from the novels written by the late best-selling author who created a universe with more than fifteen instalments. Both shows delve into a shared supernatural universe with rich lore stretching several centuries.

As both shows deal with creatures that are immortal or, at the very least, age slowly, the potential for a crossover is certainly there, even if there are some obvious thematic and narrative differences.

During the AMC panel at today’s Critics Association presentation, showrunner and executive producer Esta Spalding spoke about the connection between the series and hints a crossover of sorts has already been shot.

Spalding says one character appears in both series and that she’s “waiting for somebody to figure” out who this character is. Fellow executive producer Mark Johnson says other connections are also in there:

“I think if we continue, you will see a lot of connections, both in terms of characters, in terms of geography – some of them sort of fun, some of them almost like Easter eggs, and we very much want to tie the worlds together in a way that makes sense. [Both shows are] completely separate on the one hand, but thematically, just in terms of Anne Rice’s – the way she deals with characters and the way she presents them – we want to find a way to have that all fluid throughout the various shows.”

“Mayfair Witches” follows a pediatric neurosurgeon (Alexandra Daddario) who discovers she’s the heir of a long dynasty of witches. “Interview with the Vampire” follows a centuries-old vampire named Louis (Jacob Anderson) who recounts his life story to a journalist (Eric Bogosian) and tells how he met and fell in love with Lestat (Sam Reid).

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