Below Deck season 7 alum Abbi Murphy made a splash on the popular reality series, and fans want to know what her life after the show is like.

After Below Deck season 7, Abbi Murphy has moved on from reality TV, and it’s time to talk about what she’s been doing since her stint on the nautical series. During her short time on Bravo, the former deckhand worked alongside bosun Ashton Pienaar, and deckhands Tanner Sterback and Brian de Saint Pern, Abbi was on her way to having a boatmance with Ashton, as the pair slept next to each other on the yacht’s “bunny pad” during the crew’s first night out. However, nothing came of it, as she was thinking about someone she was dating before the show.


Abbi, who frequently worked with Vancouver, British Columbia-born third stew Courtney Skippon, only appeared on the first six episodes. That’s because she decided to leave Valor, so she could see the ex-boyfriend that she was involved with before the show. He had proposed to her via text message, and she realized that this man was the only person she could envision herself dating. After a lot of self-reflection (and even some tears), Abbi knew that leaving Valor was the best decision for her. Now that two and a half years have passed since she filmed the show, it seems like she did choose the right path, personally and professionally.

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What Happened To Abbi Murphy After Below Deck?

After she departed Valor during season 7, Abbi went back to her then-fiance, Patrick, so they could build a life together. According to E! News, in November 2019, Abbi confirmed that she and Patrick got married, following Abbi’s text message engagement on Below Deck. Abbi revealed the news on her Instagram during the episode in 2019, by announcing to her team that she’d tied the knot. “Yes… we actually got married. The wedding was at a town hall in Plymouth, MA,” the former reality star said in the caption, alongside a photo of her and Patrick.

Abbi also revealed that she and her now-husband wore, “home-made rope rings” made by a family friend’s elementary school student. She concluded her caption by stating that she and Patrick are now living their happily ever after. They’ve found joy, and fans of the show are happy for them.

Abbi & Patrick Are Sailing Happily Through Life

Besides being madly in love with Patrick, Abbi also achieved some career milestones. According to BravoTV, Abbi, who worked with season 7’s Brian, began her role as a first officer/skipper on an Atlantic 61, with the same company that made her fall in love with sailing. The company is called Vacation Yachting, and she met Patrick while working there. Soon, they were a couple. What the business does is charter different yachts for visitors, using boats such as catamarans, sailing yachts, and even regular boat rentals. Some of the places they visit in Greece include the Saronic Islands, Dodecanese, and Peloponnese. Abbi not only works on these yachts as a first officer, but also writes for the firm’s blog. She recently wrote an article on some of the dishes a tourist should try to feel like a local.

Since departing from the ship, Abbi, who was a part of Below Deck season 7’s hookup drama, has been living her best life in Greece. Not only is she married to the man of her dreams, but she is working as a first officer, a job she truly loves. She made the right decision to leave the show for love.

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