Luther: The Fallen Sun
The first photo is out of Andy Serkis as the villain David Robey in the “Luther: The Fallen Sun” film on Netflix. Idris Elba reprises his role as detective John Luther in the film as he breaks out of prison to take the law into his own hands.

In the film, Robey is a millionaire serial killer who uses tech as surveillance, discovering secrets that enable him to manipulate others and exploit the potential of the dark web. Cynthia Erivo and Dermot Crowley co-star in the film, which hits Netflix in March. [Source: Total Film]

Doctor Who
Jemma Redgrave will reprise her role of Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, Chief Scientific Officer of the Unified Intelligence Taskforce, in the next season of “Doctor Who”. She has appeared in the series alongside Tennant, Smith, Capaldi, Whittaker and now Gatwa’s incarnations of the character.

Aneurin Barnard has also been cast in the series in the role of fictional politician Roger ap Gwilliam who is running for the ‘Albian’ party. [Source: TV Zone]

Appearing recently on Jimmy Kimmy Live!, actor/comedian Joel McHale offered a brief update about the long-awaited film sequel to creator Dan Harman’s fan-favorite sitcom. McHale indicates they’re currently planning to shoot the film starting in June. He and fellow cast members Pudi, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash, and Ken Jeong are all expected back, along with potentially Donald Glover. [Source: Coming Soon]

Nicole Maines (“Supergirl”), Francois Arnaud (“The Borgias”) and Nia Sondaya (“Truth Be Told”) have scored recurring roles in the second season of Showtime’s “Yellowjackets”. Sondaya will replace Keeya King as the teen version of Akilah.

Maines will portray Lisa, an associate of Lottie (Simone Kissell). Arnaud will play a writer named Paul, who is also the secret boyfriend of Coach Scott (Steven Kreuger). They join Lauren Ambrose, Simone Kessell and Elijah Wood. The second season premieres on March 24th. [Source: Variety]

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