The upcoming movie stars Teagan Croft, Cliff Curtis, Anna Paquin, and Josh Lawson.

An incredible journey is on the horizon for a teenager in the new trailer for Netflix’s upcoming film True Spirit. Based on the true story lived by and penned into book form by Jessica Watson, the feature depicts the incredible undertaking of a 16-year-old who set out to make history as the youngest person to sail around the world completely on her own. The trek would see the young woman’s attempt at clocking in 23,000 nautical miles as she sailed around the world in 8 months. While we’ve seen some of the action play out in the form of recently released stills, this is the first official teaser to drop for the upcoming film.

The trailer reveals Teagan Croft’s (Titan) take on Watson, as she steps onto the tiny sailboat and pushes off into the deepest and darkest depths of the ocean. Dangers are an everyday event for the young woman as we see giant waves all but take over the small boat as she makes her way around the globe. But, it isn’t all gray skies and crushing waters as bits of the trailer reveal sunny days and nights filled with stars as the teen pushes forward in her journey. While she may be alone on her boat, she’s surrounded by love and support from her family and friends back home including her sailing coach Ben Bryant (Cliff Curtis), and her parents Julie (Anna Paquin) and Roger Watson (Josh Lawson). With the odds stacked against her, Jessica takes on the rocking waters in hopes of proving her skills to the world and herself.

The real-life story behind True Spirit saw the young Australian sailor leave the shoreline in 2009, setting off on her exhausting and life-changing 210-day trip. By 2010, she had penned her book True Spirit, which told the tale of her experiences while at sea in her tiny, yet formidable, pink sailboat.

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Filling out the feature’s cast alongside Croft, Curtis, Paquin, and Lawson, are Bridget Webb, Vivien Turner, Todd Lasance, and Stacy Clausen. Sarah Spillane (Around the Block) served the film as its director as well as penned it alongside Rebecca Banner and Cathy Randall. Debra Martin Chase, Susan Cartsonis, and Andrew Fraser joined as producers.

Get ready to take the trip of a lifetime when True Spirit lands on Netflix on February 3. You can get a taste of the rough waters by checking out the trailer below.

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