Following his big announcement for The Flash season 9, Arrow star Stephen Amell shares the one regret he had about the news of his Arrowverse return.

Stephen Amell shares the one regret he had about his The Flash season 9 announcement. Grant Gustin is suiting up as Barry Allen, a.k.a. the Scarlet Speedster, for one more season on The CW. After starring as the iconic Justice League hero since 2014, The Flash season 9 will finish the actor’s run in the franchise this year. The CW granted The Flash a 13-episode season, making it the shortest season of the DC TV drama yet. By the time The Flash season 9 finishes its run this year, it will be the Arrowverse’s longest-running series. For The Flash’s swan-song season, the show is staging multiple Arrowverse returns.


One of the big Arrowverse stars showing up in The Flash season 9 is Amell, as the Green Arrow, for episode 9. This will be Amell’s first appearance in the franchise since January 2020, after Arrow finished its run on The CW. Episode 9, which is being directed by Danielle Panabaker, officially began filming last week in Vancouver, Canada. Amell posted on Instagram about his excitement to be back on The Flash for one more go in the Arrowverse. As thrilled as he is to be back, Amell did admit that it would have been fun if his return had been kept a surprise for the fans. However, Amell understands why Warner Bros. TV and The CW revealed his return as early s they did, sharing the following:

“If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have said s–t. I like surprises. That being said, certain things are difficult to keep a surprise. I saw someone commenting the other day they probably made this announcement because we are probably going to be filming in a public place, and I am probably going to get photographed in whatever I am wearing. That was probably correct – that was probably a good assumption, so whatever. It’s not like we are filming in a field in Scotland. We might be filming in Downtown Vancouver. It doesn’t matter; we will be filming in broad daylight; it was going to get out, so we took control of the narrative, and that was fine. I wouldn’t have said s–t, though, and I am not going to say anything else now. Don’t ask me any more questions – if you get any more information about my appearance, it is not going to be from me.”

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What Is In Store From The Flash Season 9

Flash and Green Arrow in Season 9

The Flash season 9 is currently set to premiere on Wednesday, February 8, at its regular 8 PM timeslot. With only 13 episodes, The Flash’s final season has a lot in store for long-time viewers. According to The CW synopsis, Barry will be facing a league of Rogues coming together as they “descend on Central City led by a powerful new threat.” This new threat is most likely going to be Javicia Leslie’s Red Death, an alternative take on the Batwoman heroine. Leslie will also appear as her main Ryan Wilder character too in the final season.

However, Team Flash will face another opponent, as the description teases that “a deadly new adversary rises to challenge” the fastest man alive later in season 9. While that big bad hasn’t been identified, it’s most likely going to be whoever becomes the new avatar of the Negative Speed Force. Many fans have been speculating that it may be the Arrowverse’s version of Cobalt Blue who will serve as the final villain. Another Arrowverse hero visiting Central City is Nicole Maines’ Dreamer from Supergirl, who will also appear in an episode of The Flash season 9.

Episode 9 of The Flash season 9 will also feature the return of Kid Flash, John Diggle, and Bloodwork. Whether other Arrowverse alums will be showing up in The Flash’s final season remains to be seen, as they have only a few episodes left to film. It’s definitely the end of an era for the Arrowverse as The Flash marks the final Earth-Prime-based show in the franchise. Even if Superman & Lois gets renewed for another season, it takes place in the Arrowverse Multiverse rather than on Earth-Prime. With the uncertain future for DC TV on The CW, The Flash season 9 will definitely be a can’t-miss-event when it premieres next month.

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