Batman was recently killed by Failsafe, and Robin is worried about him. But Nightwing, just like fans, knows that comic characters never stay dead.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Batman #131It’s pretty much a given in comics that whenever a character dies he or she will come back, and Nightwing reveals that comic characters know this, too.

Batman is dead…again. After Penguin recently faked his death and framed Batman for it, a robot named Failsafe was activated. This was a robot created by an alter-ego inside Batman’s head to eradicate him if he ever went too far and killed someone. After trying to stay alive and avoid the robot, Batman eventually gives in. Not even the Justice League can defeat Failsafe, who pretty much turns Gotham City into a police state while Batman is in hiding. Once Batman has given up, Failsafe shoots him with a gun, then destroys the gun and flies off into space.


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In Batman #131 by Chip Zdarsky, Mike Hawthorne, and Miguel Mendoca, it is revealed that Batman wasn’t killed but was actually transported to a different reality. While he is trying to escape and find his way back home, Robin Tim Drake is trying to figure out what’s happened and help Bruce return. He and Nightwing are talking about where Bruce has gone and why this is different than any other time he has died. However, Nightwing is not worried at all. He simply says that Batman always finds his way back. He is never truly dead. So he will simply find a way back this time just like any other.

Nightwing Knows Batman Will Come Back

nightwing and robin talk

The differences between Tim Drake and Nightwing are startling. Tim is completely committed to finding Bruce because he thinks that he is not the same Batman he used to be. But Nightwing’s stance on the subject is very telling, and it is actually very similar to how many comic fans feel about the situation. Comic characters are constantly dying. Even characters who have been dead for a very long time eventually return in some fashion. This was seen with Jason Todd, who came back as Red Hood, and Bucky Barnes, who came back as Winter Soldier.

Although these stories are fun, fans these days are never shocked by a comic book death the same way they were in the past. This is because characters are too important and popular to remain dead. They will eventually come back to increase sales and percolate reader interest. It’s very ironic that Nightwing, being a comic character himself, has actually recognized this. Of course, he’s not aware of DC editorial making these decisions, but he’s certainly a part of the DC storyline. He recognizes that Batman is not a normal person. When he dies it’s inevitable that he’s going to come back. And so, it’s actually quite hilarious that Nightwing can recognize this and not be worried that Batman is dead.

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Batman #131 is now available from DC Comics.

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