Netflix seems to be teaching its customers that they shouldn’t ever get invested in its original content. Over the past year we’ve seen a huge amount of critically acclaimed shows with beloved fanbases get the axe: 1899, Blockbuster, Warrior Nun, The Midnight Club, The Imperfects, Archive 81, and Another Life (among many, many others) have been killed off long before their time.

Now it’s time for the Netflix gravedigger to carve another stone, as animated sitcom Inside Job will now not get a second season. The show comes from Gravity Falls writer Shion Takeuchi who boasted Bojack Horseman‘s Mike Hollingsworth as exec producer and had a killer concept about a shadowy government organization ensuring that conspiracy theories are kept secret.

Despite being confirmed for a second season in June 2022 Netflix has now decided it won’t be going ahead after all. Takeuchi confirmed the sad news on Twitter:

Fans aren’t happy:

Is it really worth getting invested in any Netflix original at this point?

Is it any wonder they’re losing subscribers?

Perhaps another network might pick it up?

And ending on a cliffhanger? Ouch.

Nobody knows the dark math for why Netflix choose to bring the hammer down, though the belt has been tightening at the streaming giant in the face of stiff competition from the likes of Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus. This may mean that shows they’d roll the dice on in the past are no longer economically viable for them.

But surely cold hard numbers are only one part of the equation and the misery that pulling these shows generate is going to cost them in the long run? It’s particularly grim in Inside Job‘s case as the second season was confirmed and work was presumably well underway on the new episodes.

Oh well, let’s add it to the ever-growing graveyard of Netflix shows killed before their time.

Inside Job, RIP.

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