The More Than a Weapon questline has received more steps in Destiny 2. However, Guardians will find that there is not as much content as last week.

Season of the Seraph has entered its fifth week, adding more steps to the More Than a Weapon questline in Destiny 2. Those that wish to unlock the second Catalyst for Revision Zero will need to finish these tasks. The seasonal story is nearing its end, and, unfortunately, some weeks have less content than others. Guardians will find this is the case when they continue More Than a Weapon​​​.

Players can begin by speaking to the newly voiced Rasputin at the Exo Frame in the right wing of the H.E.L.M. He mentions that more submind data must be collected to fully repair his functionality. As with previous weeks of More Than a Weapon in Destiny 2, this means Guardians will once again need to open a locked Seraph Chest. Players need 500 Seraph Keys to collect the data, which can be earned from most activities in the game. Guardians who actively play should have more than enough. Others can wear any part of the Warmind’s Avatar armor set to increase the amount of Seraph Key Codes obtained.


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Destiny 2: Completing More Than A Weapon Week 5

Destiny 2 More Than A Weapon Week 5 Rasputin

Before launching the Heist Battlegrounds playlist and opening a Seraph Chest, Osiris wishes to converse with Guardians. Access the holoprojector in the H.E.L.M. and speak with him to learn of his recent visions. Osiris mentions that the term “Nefele Stronghold” appears multiple times in the Warmind’s archives, but he cannot determine what it means. By restoring Rasputin, he may be able to find answers. Next, Guardians must complete a Heist Battlegrounds playlist and retrieve submind data.

After unlocking the Seraph Chest, players are requested back to the H.E.L.M. in Destiny 2. Access the holoprojector once again and speak to Elsie Bray. She worries about Ana and her obsession with doing anything to accomplish what is right. Elsie’s relationship with Guardians back on Europa convinces her to trust in her sister. Week five of More Than a Weapon ends with speaking to Rasputin at the Exo Frame. He mentions that each piece of submind data collected influences his personality. Rasputin sees how humanity perceives him as a protector, a “War God” that can protect them from their enemies. The conversation ends as he resolves to defeat those who threaten humankind. Guardians must wait for More Than a Weapon to continue in week six of Season of the Seraph in Destiny 2.

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