The topic of Andrew Tate continues to dominate the conversation as the consequences of his recent arrest remain in limbo. The disgraced social media personality who rose to infamy in 2022 over his misogynistic and pro-men’s rights opinions was arrested by Romanian authorities shortly before the New Year for allegations of human trafficking and rape. Now, rumors that the 36-year-old has cancer have begun to circulate.

Tate’s heath was thrown into question on Sunday after his official Twitter account shared a news article alleging that he or his brother had been taken to the hospital. The Romanian outlet Spy News reported that Tate or his brother ⏤ it did not specify which ⏤ was worried about his health and subsequently sent to the hospital. Because he is currently in a detention center, it’s unclear how Tate himself would have published the tweet, but the rapid succession of his tweets since his arrest suggests he has been allowed to keep his cell phone.

“The Matrix has attacked me,” read the tweet in question with a link to the Spy News article. “But they misunderstand, you cannot kill an idea. Hard to Kill.” 

Following the news of his or his brother’s supposed hospitalization, rumors began spreading that Tate was either attacked or diagnosed with cancer. The rumor of his cancer has not been confirmed or corroborated and appears to be just that: a rumor. 

Tate reportedly requested to see a doctor and receive a biopsy for a lung nodule, according to Romanian news network Antena 3 CNN. Lung nodules can indeed be cancerous, but most aren’t, according to Mayo Clinic. The true state of Tate’s health currently remains ambiguous. That said, he has reportedly been returned to the detention center.

Originally arrested for charges of human trafficking and rape, Tate and his brother Tristan have been detained for 30 days while they await a decision from authorities. Their arrest came just 24 hours after Tate publicly lashed out at 19-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg on Twitter by bragging about his enormous carbon footprint. Thunberg swiftly sent the internet ablaze with her brutal response, to which Tate did not take kindly to.

This marks the second time Tate has been taken into custody for charges of human trafficking. In April of last year, the DIICOT (Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism) also performed a raid and took him into custody, although he was released hours later. It’s been almost two weeks since Tate’s arrest this time around. He still remains detained.

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