Socially awkward is how the famous technopreneur Darshankumar Joshi describes himself, which is not unusual for someone with autism. The owner of  Global Ventures Graymatter Online LLP in India and Hong Kong and Coeus Digital Media LLC in Dubai and New York, Joshi takes everything that comes his way, but he never takes anything for granted.

Also known as autism spectrum disorder, autism covers a diverse group of conditions suffered by at least one in every 100 children. According to the World Health Organization, the characteristics of autism range from difficulties communicating and social interactions to atypical patterns of behaviors, like unusual reactions to sensations or problems transitioning into activities.  

Fortunately, several interventions can help people with autism develop according to their evolving needs, with many having superior abilities. However, people with autism often lack an inclusive and enabling environment that can help them develop to their full potential. Many face discrimination in several areas, like healthcare, education, and work opportunities.

Embracing Creativity and Innovation

Darshankumar Joshi faced several challenges linked to his autism and psychological issues. Still, he managed to carve a path to success as a developer, digital marketer, designer, and director, thanks to a strength that gave him the willpower and determination to continue.

The very academic Joshi was born and schooled in Navsari, India. During his formative years, he showed a keen interest in the fine arts, including music, poetry, and art. After receiving an Advanced Diploma in IT Technology from the University of Sunderland, Joshi went on to get his Honors in Business Computing and a Ph.D. in Business Computer Science at the University of Greenwich.

It was soon after completing his studies, and with a few years of experience to guide him, that Joshi moved back to India. Working in the south of Gujarat state, he acquired his entrepreneurial skills by working with some of the best business people in the area.

Merging his love for the fine arts with his knowledge of computer science and technology opened many doors in the world of visual design and art direction for Darshankumar. He was soon working next to the best animators and art directors. Joshi’s expertise provided the opportunity to work on exciting projects like Aquaman, The Invisible Man, Mortal Kombat, and the mini-series What/If.

Today, his business operations span the world. Josh recently spoke about his team, “With over 200 competent and talented employees around the globe, I can say that I have a great team.” Joshi continues, “Like me, they love the challenge of bringing a new project to light. I am a demanding boss and expect respect toward everyone and recognition of everyone’s input.”

Entering the Marketing Industry

Darshankumar Joshi, often likened to Elon Musk, soon forged ahead into the marketing industry, taking on projects for important clients on a global scale. The techpreneur created his company Graymatter Online LLP and incorporated his branches in Hong Kong, Dubai, and New York in quick succession.

“Success requires passion! I incorporate my talents and passions to provide the best possible outcomes in everything I tackle,” Joshi says. “I seek perfectionism, something I believe was born from always having to prove to others that my capabilities surpass my various issues.”

His noteworthy accomplishments include creating AI/ML, blockchain-based apps, several significant virtual reality experiences, 3D character designs, and art direction projects. The charismatic director is also the gold-winning producer of the First NFT-funded film, “ILM,” shown on India’s online video streaming platform Hotstar.

Darshankumar’s other projects include his involvement with the crypto industry. His interest in emergent tech also encompasses the promising capabilities of AI, VR/AR, and digital ledger technology.

Final Thoughts

With so many noteworthy accomplishments, it is surprising to see how humble Joshi remains. Despite his struggle with autism and his success, he remains committed to his work. He also takes every chance to speak about the fundamental right of education to help create a better world for everyone.

Darshankumar Joshi finishes by adding, “Today, I look back and feel grateful that I never gave up at any point through my schooling and studies. Somehow, I overcame mental anguish and harassment due to autism, something that not everyone has the strength to do. I want to see more people with autism get early intervention for better outcomes. Even people with autism deserve success. ”

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