It’s often been said that today’s real estate market is one that works in favor of sellers. Sadly, this is a very common misconception. While things may appear to be sunshine and roses for sellers on the surface, the reality of today’s real estate market is a lot more complex. 

For starters, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) documents a recent 5.9% decline in existing home sales. This means more sellers are having a harder time getting buyers to actually close on their properties. 

One huge factor in this dip is buyers being squeezed out of the real estate market. As a result of rising interest rates, mortgages, and other fees associated with purchasing a home, many buyers who would love to purchase available homes on the market simply don’t have the funds. 

It goes without saying that sellers can list as many pieces of property as they wish. However, if buyers are unable to participate in the market, sellers’ properties will simply sit there and collect dust. In the worst-case scenario, the properties may even decline in value as time passes. 

There are many issues hurting the real estate market in the present day. Inflation, labor shortages, supply shortages, and backlogs in the supply chain are just a few examples. 

Furthermore, there is no telling when any of these problems will be completely fixed. At the rate things are going, these shortages and backlogs could very well last for years on end. 

In spite of challenges in the real estate market, sellers should not give up or get discouraged. Investment deal finder Ofirio is on the ground and working harder than ever to assist sellers in the real estate market. 

What Home Sellers Need to Know About Ofirio

When you want to sell a home in today’s market, knowing the right way to go about it makes a huge difference. This is why Ofirio strives to give this information to those looking to sell property, along with providing top-tier support along the way. 

Preparing the Home For the Market

Believe it or not, there are many sellers who dive into the real estate market without completely knowing what they’re doing. When you work with Ofirio, though, you’ll have an agent collaborating with you in real time to ensure your home is as best equipped for the market as possible. 

Part of this will involve Ofirio providing advice that can increase the property’s value. This goes a long way toward ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

Ofirio’s work will also entail getting the home ready, going through the proper staging techniques, and making sure the property is appropriately photographed. 

Individually, these can seem like small steps, but they make a huge difference when you’re trying to complete a great sale. Without the necessary preparation, getting a home closed on can turn into a herculean task for sellers. 

Each Ofirio agent will likewise assist sellers with correctly and strategically listing their homes on the market. Ideally, potential buyers who come across your property should be the ones who want to close and are in the best possible position to do so.

Cutting Down on Fees

Many home sellers experience exorbitant levels of fees when operating in the real estate market. Part of this is due to standard real estate agent fees. The majority of real estate agents charge a staggering 3% of the property’s price in order to work with you. 

However, with Ofirio in your corner, we will make sure you receive the same quality of service for only 1.5% of the home’s price. This 50% slash in fees alone can go a long way towards helping any home seller maximize their profits in today’s real estate market. 

To get more information about seller savings, home sellers can review Ofirio. On the website, you can select the sale price of your home and then see the savings to come when you’re working with an Ofirio agent. 

Smoothing Out the Closing Process

Many people don’t stop and think about what the closing process is like for sellers in the real estate market. Meanwhile, this is a top priority for Ofirio. 

This is why Ofirio agents work with sellers to ensure the best rate is agreed upon with the buyer and the paperwork is appropriately handled. 

In the long run, this can save you thousands of dollars (or more), along with cutting back on the stress that often comes with selling property in today’s real estate market. 

Prioritizing Your Needs and Interests

Whenever you’re paired with an Ofirio agent, this agent will do their utmost to make the process of selling a home as smooth and profitable for you as possible. In the event that you prefer a different agent, Ofirio will immediately make the change.

At the end of the day, Ofirio was started to help people thrive in the real estate market. This means always making sure that support and customer service are up to the standards of every seller Ofirio works with.


Despite what many people have been led to believe, trying to sell a home is not always a walk in the park. There is a lot of potential for things to go wrong if the right moves aren’t made ahead of time. 

Many property owners often have prospective timeframes for when they’d like to finish a sale. Though with so many issues adversely impacting today’s real estate market, closings are getting more and more difficult for both parties.

So long as problems like rising interest rates, supply chain backlogs, and inflation are around, the real estate market is going to continue taking body blows. 

Ofirio is ultimately here to make the process of selling a home less stressful and more efficient. This is why Ofirio has made a wonderful difference for sellers who are new to the real estate market and those who have some experience with selling property. 

Because of Ofirio’s exceptional customer service and dedication to the best outcomes, sellers can count on this investment deal finder to go to bat for them each and every time. 

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