Some remakes can deviate from the source material, but that allegedly won’t be the case for the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake. According to a recent interview from Bloober Team, the horror title will still stay faithful to the 2001 original.

Chief Marketing Officer Anna Jasińska spoke more about this title in an interview with DreadXP. When asked about recreating a horror game, especially without as many limitations, Jasińska explained that Bloober wasn’t deviating heavily from the path that Team Silent took over two decades ago.

“We are focusing on bringing the distinct, visceral atmosphere back in the modernized Silent Hill 2,” she said. “Longtime fans shouldn’t worry about us ‘missing the point’ while we’re livening up the title. We faithfully stick to the traditional story canon while remaking the gameplay and updating the graphics from the ground up.”

Jasińska continued and went into why Konami chose Bloober as the team to update this revered title for modern players.

“These are the reasons why Konami entrusted us with the remake in the first place. A big visible change is the adoption of an over-the-shoulder camera, which altered the perspective of a few iconic set pieces, but also meant an overhaul to the combat system. The latest technological achievements do wonders when it comes to making the visuals pop. As you see, we are not straying away from the original concept of making this cult classic; we just have some ideas on how to make the peculiar scare factors more appealing to a contemporary audience.”

As discussed in the game’s announcement PlayStation Blog post, Bloober is also working with some of Silent Hill 2‘s original creators like Akira Yamaoka and Masahiro Ito.

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While these concerns often do come up with remakes, some might be particularly worried here given Bloober Team’s track record. Bloober has its fans, but it also has many detractors that claim the studio’s games are insensitive and ham-fisted. Silent Hill 2 has been widely praised for its nuanced depictions of its heavier topics, making this a troubling pair for those who find Bloober’s titles irresponsible.

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