You read that right, Nicolas frickin’ Cage just turned 59-years-old. Anyone else feel as old as we do? A true-blue Hollywood mainstay, Cage has been keeping audiences on their toes for over forty years. Part man, part myth, part legend — we couldn’t be happier for a guy who has graced us with some of the most compelling characters ever put to film.

After all, he’s stolen the Declaration of Independence, an Arizona baby, and at least a few fast cars over the course of his career — or at least that’s what it looked like on screen.

Say what you will about his time spent in the spotlight, but Nicolas Cage is known far and wide as one of the nicest actors working today. That may be why fans and friends across the internet have shared their well wishes and praise with reckless abandon.

That jacket sure is something else. Anyone know where we can find one? Okay, okay your’e right. Nicolas Cage is sorta the only person who could pull a piece like that off.

The words above are certainly ones to live by, and if someone as accomplished as Cage can feel that way about his own life — all of us can certainly do our best to be humble, stay learning, and keep moving forward. With his new role in the upcoming horror-comedy Renfield, it seems that moving forward is exactly what Nicolas Cage intends to do.

So whose he going to play in this blood-filled vampiric romp? Dracula of course. He’s Nic Cage, what else did you expect? Judging from the trailer, this movie is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated films of the year.

Regardless of how the movie turns out though, Nicolas Cage will remain the icon he’s always been. So, Nic, if you’re reading this — have a happy frickin’ birthday.

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