Following his survival of a freak snow-plowing accident, Marvel actor and Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner has shared a video where his mother and sister can be seen caring for the actor in a hospital bed in the ICU.

Dubbing it a ‘spa day’, Renner can be seen thanking his mom and sister, calling it the first shower he’s had in a “week or so” as they help to clean some of the blood from his near-fatal accident.

It follows on from a video update yesterday, where he thanked everyone for the kind words after news of the accident broke. Meanwhile CNN obtained a call log of the 911 call for emergency help where it’s said Renner was “completely crushed under a large snowcat”.

The log detailed some of the injuries, indicating that the right side of Renner’s chest had ‘collapsed’ while his upper torso had been ‘crushed’. Despite the injuries, Renner was conscious and breathing “with extreme [difficulty]”.

A helicopter arrived around 49 minutes after 911 was contacted, and he was transported to the hospital. After undergoing surgery Monday, Renner was in critical but stable condition.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam explained the circumstances surrounding Renner’s accident and evacuation, with emergency help delayed by the weather conditions around the Lake Tahoe area. Foul play has already been ruled out.

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