My Hero Academia‘s sixth season has provided no shortage of the drama that fans have been hungry for whilst the show was on hiatus and that’s especially true for the countless fans of Bakugo, the show’s hot-headed deuteragonist to Deku. After the intense battle with Shigaraki left him in a bad position, it’s hard to see how the series will top that with its finale.

Of course, it might not have had quite as much weight for My Hero Academia fans that don’t care much for Bakugo and there are plenty of those given the character’s boisterous persona. From whether he’s too much of a bully to how his relationship with Midoriya could have been better, these are some of their hot takes about the character.


Bakugo Is Too Much Of A Bully To Be A Public Hero

Katsuki Bakugo frowning in My Hero Academia.

Bakugo’s harsh nature when it comes to Deku and pretty much everyone else he comes across is a defining part of his personality and most have come to accept that he’s just an abrasive person to be around. Whilst it might be too much to expect him to change completely, some think he shouldn’t be allowed to be a public hero as long as he remains this way.

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One Redditor comments that “every interaction he has with children, he makes them cry and borderline attacks them,” and notes how this would be a terrible look for any other public servant. Though it would be ridiculous to waste his powers completely, it makes sense that a less public role would suit him better.

My Hero Academia’s Focus On Deku Detracts From Bakugo

Deku and Bakugo fighting Nine in My Hero Academia Heroes Rising.

Teamwork and friendship are two things that My Hero Academia emphasizes as important to being a hero but, as many have pointed out, it slightly undermines that message when the show has such a strict focus on Deku. Redditor MorphieThePup thinks this has unintended consequences on Bakugo’s story.

According to them, “Bakugo and Shoto are basically not allowed to win, because they can’t look stronger than Deku.” In order to avoid the protagonist being outshone, every other character is made to seem worse and loses out on their chance at great victories of their own. Arguably, the side characters deserve more chances to show off their power too.

Seeing Bakugo Mature Makes It Worth His Flaws

Katsuki Bakugo lifting his open hand in My Hero Academia

Bakugo’s character type isn’t for everyone and even his staunchest fans would likely agree that his behavior crossed some lines, especially when he was younger, but it’s worth noting that he’s still one of the most popular figures on the show. One Redditor who used to dislike the character has an explanation for this.

They comment that “I hated Bakugo at the start and he still makes me roll my eyes but I love seeing him mature/grow.” For some, though they might not quite understand why he’s beloved by so many, the fact that Bakugo has moments of genuine growth makes up for his frustrating ones.

Bakugo And Deku’s Relationship Makes No Sense

Bakugo bullies Izuku by calling him Deku and points in My Hero Academia

Though some consider him a bland protagonist, the fact that his kindness and optimism shine through in everything Deku says and does is what makes him memorable. However, some fans simply can’t get past the strange nature of his relationship with Bakugo, claiming it makes no sense whatsoever.

Redditor trebble92 explains that “it would make more sense if Midoriya actually acknowledged Bakugo as his bully instead of his friend from the beginning.” This would give the two space to grow through a sense of “mutual respect” where they could become real friends, rather than Deku just acting as if they are even when Bakugo is outright horrible to him.

The Original Draft For Bakugo Was Better

Katsuki Bokugo grins while in a fight in My Hero Academia

Bakugo’s absurd popularity is proof that Kohei Horikoshi definitely did something right when writing out his character, but it’s interesting to note that this wasn’t his original plan for him. According to CBR, the character was initially drafted to be an air-headed genius who could fulfill the gentle childhood friend role for Midoriya.

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Of course, that’s not how things panned out and Redditor WinifredR20 thinks that’s a shame. They comment that “many thought it would be boring […] but I guess I would have enjoyed that version of Bakugou.” It’s easy to see why as, while a compelling character, Bakugo in his current form makes every scene pretty intense where a gentler approach might have been more welcome.

Bakugo Needs To Be Involved In The Final Fight

Tomura Shigaraki clutches his face with his hand

Shigaraki is My Hero Academia‘s fascinating central antagonist and it makes sense that the anime would end with Deku facing off against him in one final massive fight. However, Redditor i_like_2_travel thinks it would be doing a disservice to Bakugo’s character if it ended as a solo fight.

They think that at the “bare minimum it has to end with Bakugo and Deku” against the villain as he is “almost more of Bakugo’s rival than he is Deku’s.” It’s fair to say Bakugo has something to prove to Shigaraki after the antagonist dismissed him before and it would be a great conclusion to his arc.

Bakugo’s Hate Is Unfair At This Point

Deku and Bakugo in My Hero Academia Heroes Rising

He may consistently score as one of, if not the most popular character in My Hero Academia but few from the list could also claim to have as many haters to their name as Bakugo. Inspired by his relentless bullying of Midoriya in the past and his continually friction-causing personality, the character receives no shortage of flak.

Redditor JoseInx argues that the “hate on Bakugo is way too much at this point of the story.” Whilst they don’t defend his bullying, many believe that Bakugo is a far better character than he was when he was younger and, given he’s still relatively young, he deserves to be forgiven for his mistakes.

Bakugo Should Have Been Given A Better Power

Bakugo and Deku in the rooftops in My Hero Academia

Combining an explosive Quirk with incredible strength and speed makes Bakugo one of the most powerful students at U.A. so it’s hard to argue that he’s an underpowered character. Despite that, Redditor Caramelsnack thinks “Bakugo should’ve been given a better power” because of how quickly Deku’s power rose to “eclipse” it.

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Bakugo’s weaker power in comparison to Midoriya is an interesting point of friction in itself but, given how much Bakugo continues to talk as if he’ll surpass the protagonist and any other hero, it seems absurd that it hasn’t looked likely for a long time. Though it makes sense for Deku to be stronger, it might have worked better if Bakugo seemed at least a little more able to compete.

Bakugo’s Costume Is Terrible

Bakugo clenching his fist in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia can be a very funny show but that doesn’t mean it can get away with characters looking goofy all the time. Since plenty of heroes manage to score way better costumes, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Bakugo’s just isn’t that good. Redditor timidGO goes further and comments that “Bakugo’s costume sucks.”

Since the mask and the actual clothes are fairly simple and effective, it’s likely the main source of this criticism is the giant grenade wrist gauntlets he wears as well as the very prominent neck brace. Even fans who like these features would be forced to admit that they overpower the rest of the costume and give the effect of far too much going on.

Bakugo Should Be More Nuanced

Bakugo grits his teeth in My Hero Academia

Bakugo is nothing if not intense and the fact he brings the same abrasive energy to any situation he’s in is symbolic of the kind of all-or-nothing character he is. Redditor CrazyaboutSpongebob thinks it would have been better if the character was written with “more nuance,” however.

They think that the character is worse off for being “angry every second of every day,” and just showing hints at a more subdued, friendly side to him would go a long way toward improving that. Ultimately, it’s likely too late to shift his character that much now but some fans can’t help but wish things had been slightly different.

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