HBO Max’s live-action adaptation of The Last of Us is set to premiere on Jan. 15, 2023, and of course its trailers, posters and other marketing materials already have fans of the game on which its based champing at the bit.

The Last of Us is a two-part video game series released only on the PlayStation. The Last of Us Remastered and the Last of Us Part 2 can both still be played on the PlayStation 4 and are great gaming choices for those who haven’t yet obtained a PlayStation 5. But they’re not the only choices. Plenty of PS4 games are still worthy of gamers’ time.


The Last of Us Part 2

Ellie Joel The Last of Us Part 2 Video Game

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 are both worthy consoles with which to experience the Last of Us, as the first game has received a remake for the PlayStation 5 and the Last of Us Part 2 is playable on the console as well.

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However, purchasing and playing the games on the PlayStation 4 is far more affordable and is recommended for those who have already played either the Last of Us on PlayStation 3 or the remaster on PlayStation 4. The game is fantastic and gives a beautiful conclusion to one of the best narrative video games ever made.


The Hunter aiming their Pistol in Bloodborne.

Bloodborne has long since been considered one of the greatest PlayStation-exclusive games ever, and it’s one of the most ideal games to play for those who haven’t bought a PlayStation 5 yet. The game is only available on PlayStation 4 and may or may not ever receive a remaster or remake in the future.

While FromSoftware’s Souls-like games often turn players away, Bloodborne is a much easier title than most of their games. It is on the other hand more horror filled and is one of the best Lovecraftian horror games that players can find.

God of War (2018)

Kratos and Atreus looking up at an Ogre in God of War

God of War Ragnarök is better played on the PlayStation 5 even though it can be played on the PlayStation 4. The PS4 is definitely the way to go for 2018’s God of War though and is a great game to buy and play before hopping onto the PS5.

God of War reignites the popular franchise in a brand-new way and offers an exciting new story with excellent characters. There may be a few harsh realities when replaying God of War, but the first playthrough is a unique and fun experience.

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is a historical fiction game focusing on a samurai named Jin Sakai who has quickly become one of the most interesting video game protagonists ever. His character struggle is incredible and heartbreaking to watch unfold. The gameplay is complex and fun, but not so hard that players will feel lost.

The island of Tsushima is breathtaking alone, and the game is without a doubt one of the most visually stunning ever. The only downside of the game is that players aren’t given much control over Jin’s choices. He does have pivotal choices in the game that involve the fates of other characters, but his character path is the same no matter what.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Aloy drawing a bow in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn offers a mechanical unique world that takes place in the future of the United States. The fact that the player is exploring familiar territory for many U.S. citizens is amazing and players will recognize certain landscapes from the real world.

The worldbuilding in the game is excellently done with intriguing new histories and excellent lore. The gameplay itself is actually fairly difficult and players need to rely far more on stealth rather than aggressive action like most games like this. This is the perfect game for players interested in the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, but haven’t played the original yet.


Nioh 2 Samurai Key Art

Nioh does have a remaster on the PlayStation 5, but the changes aren’t extremely significant. Nioh 2 is also available on the PlayStation 4, but it runs much better on the 5. The first Nioh game is the real essential and is the perfect game for Souls fans as it follows a similar formula as Dark Souls and has many similarities to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

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The game has a great story and tough action but addictive gameplay with a wide variety of builds the player can pursue. The game is also very affordable which isn’t the same for the PlayStation 5’s version.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man promo art featuring the titular hero swinging on a web.

Marvel’s Spider-Man was a game that Spider-Man fans had been asking for years to have, and it didn’t disappoint. The game is easily one of the best modern superhero video games and its sequel is looking to be just as great, if not better.

Swinging from building to building with Spider-Man’s webs has never been more fun in a Spider-Man game and the game also manages to give a familiar yet original story that does many iconic villains justice.

Uncharted Series

For players who have been looking for a new game franchise to latch onto while they’re still trying to play their PlayStation 4, then Uncharted is the way to go. The first three games were remastered brilliantly by Bluepoint for the PS4 and can be purchased together as the Nathan Drake Collection.

Uncharted 4 is also on the PlayStation 4 and is regarded by most fans to be the best game in the franchise and is one of the best story-driven games on the PlayStation 4. This treasure-hunting game series is also an ideal franchise to play for those who love the Tomb Raider games.

Shadow Of The Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus remake key art featuring one of the titular Colossi.

Much like the Nathan Drake Collection, Shadow of the Colossus got a makeover. However, in this case, the game received a faithful remake rather than a remaster. This revives the game in a brand-new and better way than before and is a great way to experience this classic title.

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Even players who are familiar with the original on the PlayStation 2 should definitely check out this remake if they haven’t. The game is phenomenal and incredibly dark, despite the story seeming like a typical heroic story at first.

Dark Souls Trilogy

Dark Souls trilogy collector's edition

The Dark Souls trilogy aren’t PlayStation-exclusive games, but they are all on the PlayStation 4. Dark Souls Remastered, an upgraded Dark Souls II, and Dark Souls III. While most fans will have mixed feelings about at least one of these games they’re bound to love the others.

This is a perfect way to get introduced to the combat system that’s similar to Elden Ringand those who have played Elden Ring, should definitely check out the Dark Souls trilogy and see what the original games were like.

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