A 90 Day: The Single Life promo picture is getting a lot of publicity, but not the good kind. Fans have a lot to say about the pictures.

The promo picture for 90 Day: The Single Life has been released, and fans have been mocking it for several reasons. The series is one of several 90 Day Fiancé spin-offs. The show follows singles that were once in the 90DF franchise, who are trying their hand at dating again. The series has entertained viewers for about three seasons, and already has quite a fan base. People aren’t sure if the cast members will form any connections, or even enjoy their dates, and it’s anyone’s guess what happens on the show.


In light of what has been seen so far on 90 Day: The Single Life, there could be quite an impressive season 4, compared to other 90 Day Fiancé franchise installments. With the third part of the season 3 Tell All over, fans are already looking forward to the upcoming season. They want to see how their favorite stars continue their journeys as they try to find true love. Despite promising a thrilling installment, the promo picture that circulated was quite unflattering, as per fans.

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The promo picture was mocked in a Reddit thread started by CtownKyle23, and it featured three faces that are very familiar to 90 Day Fiancé franchise fans. Some social media users thought that the three women looked odd in the photo. The celebs in the picture are: Veronica Rodriguez (on the left), Tania Maduro (on the right), and Natalie Mordovtseva (front and center). While an interesting selection of cast members were featured in the shot, fans thought that there was something strange about their posture and facial expressions.

Since it was for an ad, fans felt that more effort should have been put in, and believe that the reality stars look comical in the photograph. A Redditor on the aforementioned thread thought that it looked like, “a promo for horror movie featuring slightly sexy psycho killers.” Another fan said that the promo picture looked like, “a sh*tty rendition of the Vampire Diaries.”

Do The 90 Day: The Single Life Women Really Look That Bad?

Veronica Rodriguez from 90 Day: The Single Life smiling slightly

Apart from thinking that the configuration of the promo picture looked funny, the individual stars posed in ways that fans made a mockery of. For example, Veronica’s face was a bit scrunched up. Also, fans felt that the pictures of the women were over-edited, to the point that it blurred reality, since they’ve seen what the stars look like before on TV. Another Redditor on the thread said, “they almost look like animated versions of themselves.” Fans were quite descriptive while talking about how amusing the ad was, with one of them saying, “Tania looked like she was trying to fake an orgasm while Veronica looked like she smelled something bad.”

The 90 Day: The Single Life promo photo from TLC seemed to let down fans of the series. The consensus was that the picture was an example of overkill that ended up missing the mark, which made the 90 Day Fiancé franchise cast members look silly. Fans have spoken their minds concerning the promo picture. Hopefully, TLC releases a much better one, which is more pleasing to the franchise and its fans.

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Source: CtownKyle23/Reddit

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