The Last of Us turns 10 in 2023, and Naughty Dog is promising a big year for the series. And to kick off the celebration, the studio has revealed some concept art for the upcoming multiplayer entry and said some “fun surprises” are coming down the line.

The anniversary post on Naughty Dog’s website revealed the above piece of concept art, which shows a large, dilapidated boat and two unnamed characters. Naughty Dog Co-President Neil Druckmann said it will also be a “fresh, new experience from [the] studio, but one rooted in Naughty Dog’s passion for delivering incredible stories, characters, and gameplay.”

Druckmann had previously stated that the game is comparable to any of the team’s single-player titles in size and is, in some ways, bigger. He also noted that its story will be told in a unique way and star a new cast. However, those storytelling methods and its crew of characters were not detailed in this post.

Druckmann went on to reveal that the series itself has sold over 37 million units, a number that will only grow with The Last of Us Part I‘s PC release on March 3 (features and specs are coming soon). He also touched on the imminent HBO Max series and said exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes looks would be coming out to give fans a more detailed look at this adaptation.

There is still more The Last of Us information on the way in some shape or form, as Druckmann said that the team is “so excited to share more […] about the future of this franchise.” He also promised some “fun surprises” along the way, but left it vague. He was similarly vague in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter when asked about the rumored The Last of Us Part III, saying that he thinks there is “more story to tell” in the game’s universe.

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