The horror film that we’ve all been waiting for is just around the corner but the critical reviews are already in and it looks like M3GAN has slayed it. The story of an AI doll going rogue has had the internet abuzz for quite some time now and based on these early reports it seems the film delivers on what we all want and then some.

The film has landed a near-perfect score of 98 percent on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer so far with critics raving about this darkly humorous comedy that pushes the envelope on good taste. The film already has a solid LGBTQ+ fanbase who are hungry to see it after the trailer made somewhat of a queer icon of the creepy little doll who makes some moves whilst butchering people.

M3GAN was already receiving a huge amount of attention online after trending on Twitter when the trailer was released. Horror fans fell in love with the murderous doll that comes straight out of the uncanny valley. Behind just the doll though there appears to be a story motivated by love, and responsibilities as well as how we connect to one another, especially through times of grief.

It was very touch and go as to whether this film would manage to walk the fine line between tastefully tacky and just plain trash, but it appears to have done just that with many praising the film as being both silly and smart all at once.

Top critic Robert Levin for Newsday wrote on the site,

“This is an excellent character, unhinged in the best sense of the word and flamboyant about it, too.”

Kristy Puchko for Mashable mirrored these sentiments saying,

“Hold onto your wigs, because the next queer monster has arrived, and she’s got better rhythm than the Babadook.”

Some critics were incredibly positive towards the film, with William Bibbiani for The Wrap writing,

“Johnstone’s film captures the same alchemical blend of heart, humor, and havoc you find only rarely, in crossover classics like ‘Gremlins,’ and it yields more entertainment than most would-be blockbusters.”

Many are happy to see this film ringing in the new year, with Peter Bradshaw from the Guardian adding,

“An entertainingly nasty film for the new year.”

It would seem that M3GAN has won over the hearts and minds of these critics, now we just have to see what the audiences say when the film is released in theatres on Jan. 6. Though, if these reviews are anything to go by, audiences are going to want to take M3GAN home with them, though don’t – that’s a bad idea.

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