Have you experienced a trip in winter? If not, why don’t you consider having a try in this winter holiday of New Year as your first change in 2023?

Winter is always considered to be a bad time for travel, however, there are many advantages to traveling in winter. First, the cost will be fewer. Many economic experts predicted at the beginning of December, that after Christmas, the cost of travel would fall faster than people’s willingness to travel. According to a report by Reader’s Digest, in the days and weeks after Christmas, the fees of the hotels and transportation, and other tourist activities have made the discount up to 70%. If you are planning to travel in winter, you can also redeem the annual rewards to reduce your expenses, which makes the cost of travel in winter much less than in other seasons. Also, as the relatively speaking off-season of tourism, winter will have fewer people and give you a better travel experience. But you will not be alone. On the other hand, data from Travel Agent Central shows that 23% of Americans are planning to travel this winter, as most of them prefer the different but beautiful views in winter. There is no doubt that the beaches and the sunlight are attractive, but the winter scenery is charming in its individual and amazing way.

If you are still confused about where to go on your winter vacation, here are a few suggestions for your reference.

1. Alaska

As the most northern state in the US, Alaska is always a great choice for travel in winter. Having fewer crowds and more wonderful scenes as well as completely different sights from other states, you can enjoy various winter and snowy activities such as skating, skiing, snowmobiling, and snowboarding, and the most interesting one – is dog sledding. There are also many fun festivals that are related to snow, for instance, Fun Rondy is the biggest and oldest snow festival in Alaska and you can celebrate with the locals through sports, celebration activities, and diverse cultural events. What’s more, you can also enjoy other festivals like The Yukon Quest International, Iceworm Festival, Willow Winter Carnival, and Talkeetna Trio.

However, remember that Alaska can be very cold and the average temperature in winter there would possibly get down to -35°F, so it would be better if you prepare some winterproof clothing, for instance, Eddie Bauer, in advance, to keep yourself warm and healthy in Alaska!

2. San Antonio, Texas

If you want to enjoy a warm winter vacation and get rid of the cold, San Antonio would be the perfect place to go! It is in the southern part of the US and has a mild climate and temperatures. Take a visit to the Alamo, the Riverwalk, the five historic missions, and San Fernando Cathedral – some of the most amazing attractions in this city!

The average temperature there remains above 60°F all year round, so it would be so comfortable to have a walk with family and friends in the early evening. You can also choose to see the art exhibitions (but remember to make an appointment in advance!) If you are interested in adorable and exquisite architecture, some fancy restaurants with some street musicians, small shops, or taking a walk near the riverbank and enjoying the great views would also be a good choice.

3. Chicago, Illinois

If you are interested in skating, it would be wonderful to give a thought to Chicago. Though it may be windy and cold (remember to keep yourself warm there!) Chicago is one of the most festive winter cities in the US, and there is an annual festival called Winter Wonderfest that takes place in Chicago every year, while Winter Wonderfest is a yearly festival that takes place in Chicago. The festive vibe in Chicago can easily warm the chilly bodies, and many exciting events in this carnival can spread cheer and fun widely. The best part of traveling in winter in Chicago is skating in Millenium Park. Imagine the scene where you are skating with hundreds of people in front of the magnificent city skyline and enjoying the atmosphere of the festivals and the end of the year. What can compare to such an experience?

4. Beaver Creek, Colorado

The best place for skiing in the world! Every month, hundreds of tourists come to this village to see or take part in one of the world’s premier ski events. The terrain here is rich in a variety ranging from gentle slopes to steep bumps, whether you are a novice or an experienced skier, you can enjoy the best skiing experience here! Also, the arts performing center and lots of cafeterias can lighten up your whole day.

There are many great destinations to go to for a winter trip. So why are you still hesitating? Make sure to keep yourself safe and warm and get your trip started, I’m sure you will have a surprising and different experience!

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