Hulu has dropped a batch of official History of the World Part II photos from its forthcoming sequel series to Mel Brooks’ iconic 1981 film. It is scheduled to make its debut this spring.

The photos feature its leading cast, consisting of Wanda Sykes, Ike Barinholtz, and Nick Kroll, who are all serving as co-writers on the series. They also preview some of the historical events they’ll cover.

History of the World Part II is once again written and executive produced by Mel Brooks, who is also set to star in the comedy sketch series. In addition to Sykes, Barinholtz, and Kroll, David Stassen and Kevin Salter are also part of the writing line-up.

“After waiting over 40 years there is finally a sequel to the seminal Mel Brooks film, History of the World, Part I, with each episode featuring a variety of sketches that take us through different periods of human history,” reads the synopsis.

The original comedy film was a parody of the anthology film genre and included various comedic takes on different events throughout history. Eras like the Stone Age, happenings in Ancient Rome, and the French Revolution were all covered in the original film, which also featured a variety of musical numbers.

The series is also being produced by Sykes, Barinholtz, Kroll, Stassen, Salter, David Greenbaum and Christie Smith. It hails from Searchlight Television and 20th Television.

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