Denham Springs, LA-based pressure and soft washing company LA Softwash recently unveiled their new website to the public. The website was redesigned and developed by leading digital marketing agency BlakSheep Creative to create an engaging, user-friendly platform to help the company increase conversions and grow its business.

I sat down with LA Softwash’s owner, Brody Harris, to discuss the project and the results they have seen since the relaunch of their website.

Brody Harris and his Wife

Why Did You Decide to Redesign Your Website?

“The initial website was outdated and didn’t properly represent the quality of our services or portray the professionalism of our team. We felt that it was time for a new look to help bring more customers in and give us an edge over our competitors,” said Harris.

In recent years, the soft washing industry has grown immensely. This type of pressure washing can safely and effectively clean various surfaces, from driveways and patios to decks, siding, roofs, and more. It is a popular choice for homeowners looking to get rid of mold, mildew, and dirt without applying harsh chemicals or damaging their surfaces.

We searched for the term “softwash,” on the Louisiana Secretary of State’s website and found 113 businesses registered with that term in their name. This made the competition for LA Softwash even more fierce, so creating an online presence that stood out was essential.

So, Brody is right –  when the competition is so tough, it is essential to create an online presence that stands out.

What Was The Process Behind The Redesign?

Harris: “We knew we needed a modern website with more features than our old one. We contacted BlakSheep Creative to help us with this project. They took the time to understand our needs, objectives, and goals. From there, they created a customized website design that was tailored to our specific needs.”

What Were The Challenges During The Process?

Harris: “The biggest challenge we faced was the time frame. We had very limited resources and had to work quickly in order to launch the new website on schedule. BlakSheep Creative was able to work with us and deliver the project on time.”

What Did You Learn During The Process?

“As the owner of LA Softwash, I had heard good things about BlakSheep Creative and its ability to provide comprehensive digital marketing solutions. When I worked with Alec and the team at BlakSheep Creative, I quickly realized just how knowledgeable they were in their craft and how passionate they were about educating their clients. They taught me about various digital marketing topics ranging from SEO to pay-per-click advertising.”

Search Engine Optimization:

“BlakSheep Creative showed me how to optimize my website for search engines so that it was more visible online and attracted more organic traffic. They taught me keyword research techniques, content creation advice, and other valuable strategies that helped increase visitor engagement.”

Social Media Marketing

“Through social media campaigns designed specifically for my business, I am learning how to effectively use various platforms to promote my brand, services, and special offers. BlakSheep Creative gave me valuable insight into audience targeting and scheduling posts to maximize engagement with potential customers,” Brody said.

Content Marketing

“I really had no idea how important content marketing was until I worked with BlakSheep Creative. They taught me the importance of creating quality content that is both engaging and informative. It’s been a great way to improve my website’s visibility and attract more visitors,” Harris said.

Search Engine Optimization

“I’ve had no less than a hundred companies pitch me their SEO services, but it wasn’t until I worked with BlakSheep Creative that I learned the importance of quality over quantity. They taught me various techniques such as keyword research and content creation that have helped my website rank higher on search engine results pages,” Harris said.

What Results Have You Seen Since The Launch?

Harris: “Since launching the new website, we have seen an increase in conversions. We have also seen an improvement in our organic traffic and visibility online. Our digital marketing efforts have been greatly improved thanks to BlakSheep Creative’s help.”

What Would You Do Differently?

Harris: “I would have liked to spend more time on the project, but our timeline was tight. We had to move quickly and focus on what mattered most in order to get the website launched. If I could do it again, I would take more time to go through each step of the process and make sure everything was perfect.”

Overall, LA Softwash is thrilled with the results of its website redesign. With BlakSheep Creative’s expert help and guidance, they were able to create a modern, user-friendly website that has helped them reach more potential customers. 

If you’re looking for experienced professionals to help elevate your business, BlakSheep Creative is the agency for you. Visit their website to learn how they can help you.

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