Arrowverse fans are celebrating on social media that Arrow star Stephen Amell is officially returning to the franchise in The Flash season 9.

Arrowverse fans are celebrating the return of Arrow star Stephen Amell in The Flash season 9 later this year. The Flash season 9 will mark the end of an era for The CW’s Arrowverse franchise; after being renewed, The CW revealed last year it would be the show’s final one. The Arrowverse series scored a 13-episode order, which will officially begin on Wednesday, February 8. Original cast members Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, and Danielle Panabaker are all back for The Flash’s swan-song season. However, as much as it’s about The Flash’s legacy, season 9 is also giving Arrowverse fans multiple treats.


With only weeks to go before The Flash season 9 premieres, The CW has already begun sharing exciting details for the final season. One of them included the announcement that Amell will return as Green Arrow in The Flash season 9 episode 9. The untitled episode, which is being directed by Panabaker, is set to start filming this week in Vancouver, Canada. While episode 9 won’t air until later in the year, Arrowverse fans are rejoicing on Twitter over Amell’s official return to The Flash. After having ended his run in the Arrowverse in 2020, this will be the first time in three years that he returns to The CW’s superhero adventures. Check out several reactions below:

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How The Flash Season 9 Will Tackle Stephen Amell’s Return

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While many had been hoping The Flash season 9 would feature Amell, his return was seemingly set up during 2022. In the Arrowverse tie-in comic Earth-Prime, Oliver returned as the Spectre during #6 of the crossover story. During the finale installment, titled “Hero’s Twilight,” Oliver re-emerged and revealed himself at the final pages of the issue. No explanation as to how Oliver was back, especially in his Spectre form, was given at the time. However, the former Emerald Archer warned that the heroes must “be ready for what’s coming.

Given that The Flash season 9 will unlikely resurrect Oliver from the dead, Amell most likely appears in the character’s Spectre state. That would avoid undoing the heroic sacrifice Green Arrow made during Crisis on Infinite Earths, and also maintain Arrow‘s powerful series finale. Amell’s appearance in The Flash season 9 will likely serve as a way for Barry and his longtime ally to have one last adventure together. Episode 9 may also be a way for the Arrowverse to utilize the Spectre at least one more time, given his power set.

Why Fans Are So Excited For Stephen Amell’s Flash Season 9 Episode

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The Flash was the first official Arrowverse spinoff, which was heavily set up in Arrow season 2. Ever since those building blocks, Green Arrow and The Flash have always been one of the core dynamics in the franchise. During all the crossovers, this was an imperative relationship that stood at the forefront of the story. It makes perfect sense why fans are as excited as they are to see Amell in The Flash season 9, especially as it closes out a big chapter for the franchise. As The Flash season 9 approaches, fans are getting ever closer to Amell’s upcoming episode in the final season of the Arrowverse series.

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