Nowadays, people who dream of buying a vehicle below market value have a vast range of choices. Speaking of American auctions, we invite you to pay attention to the most famous and reputed ones: Copart, Iaai, and Manheim. They are well-known global vehicle marketplaces through which thousands of people bid on vehicles daily. If you are interested in buying a car from the US auctions, don’t miss our review of these three.


Copart is probably the most famous among all American auctions. The selection of vehicles is more than plentiful. At Copart, buyers can find any group of vehicles: from sports cars to heavy-duty trucks. With nearly 200,000 vehicles on sale every day, everybody has an opportunity to find something that fits. The same thing is to the vehicle title category. Copart sells clean-titled cars as well as salvaged, and non-repairable ones. 


At the Insurance Auto Auctions, presented a great number of salvage vehicles, namely cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, etc. All of them have different levels of damage. You can buy a slightly wrecked car that after some repairs will be suitable for safe driving. At the same time, there are lots of non-repairable cars that people buy for dividing and using their parts for different purposes, including further sale or repair of other vehicles.


Manheim is considered the world’s largest wholesale vehicle marketplace. According to its official website, it offers more than 8M vehicles a year. Manheim auction is well-known for a wide range of used, undamaged vehicles. That’s a great choice for somebody ready to pay a higher price and avoid further repair. However, Manheim is a closed auction, so to view the inventory, you need to register. To bid and buy at the auction can only authorized dealers. If you want a car from Manheim, you need to work with licensed brokers.

The way to simplify the procedure of buying and delivering a car from Copart, Iaai, and Manheim

The common way to get access to the best American auctions is to find a professional broker. They have their own websites, where you can view inventory of all the auctions the broker cooperates with. What are the benefits of using broker services?

  • no need to register at every auction separately;
  • access to the full list of lots without licenses;
  • bidding advice;
  • assistance with a car search;
  • bidding on behalf of the customer;
  • vehicle condition and history check;
  • taking care of paperwork; 
  • arrangement of transportation to the port and delivery to your country;
  • customs clearance assistance; 
  • customer support, etc. 

For bidders from abroad, it is important to get their vehicle on time and in the same condition, they bought it. To receive your car as expected, always ask dealers whether they arrange worldwide shipping from Сopart, IAAI, and Manheim auctions. Besides that, don’t forget to ask about the approximate delivery time, cost, and tracking opportunities. 

Professional and reputed dealerships will provide you with clear information regarding their delivery arrangement, ports of departure, shipping costs, and shipment tracking depending on the place of car purchase, etc. Some of them also offer shipping cost calculators on their websites. It is a very convenient tool if you already have some cars in mind.

With the right broker, participating in the auctions can become a pleasant and positive experience resulting in a dream car for an affordable price.

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