Star Wars fans weren’t thrown off-track by what seemed to be a time-jumping costume error.

Eagle-eyed Redditor VillainM was baffled by what seemed to be a costume inconsistency in the animated series Tales of the Jedi and took to the r/StarWars subreddit to pose the question, “In TOTJ, how does Plo Koon already have clone armor gauntlets at Master Katri’s funeral when the clone wars [sic] haven’t even started yet?”

Plo Koon was a Jedi Master who first appeared in the film Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.A native of Dorin, Plo wears a distinctive breath mask and goggles to protect him in nonnative environments. A venerated tactician, he served on the High Jedi council. He was a general during the Clone Wars, commanding the 104th Battalion. During Emperor Palpatine’s Order 66, his troops turned on him and executed him.

So why was Plo wearing gauntlets from an event that had yet to transpire? Witty Star Wars fans had all the answers…

TheKiltedHeather responded with hilarious clarity, pointing out that there’s a very obvious, behind-the-scenes reason for the discrepancy, “They just recycled his Clone Wars character model.”

Vulpertine put it another way, suggesting that Plo Koon was the clone template, “Plo Koon doesn’t have Clone Trooper gauntlets, Clone Troopers have Plo Soon gauntlets.”

Another Redditor, MrShago, thought it was a plausible concept and sensed that the franchise would seize the opportunity to produce more content. They wrote, “Highly likely and they just need another model to fill the group. Buuuuuut since it’s Star Wars the real reason is going to be explained in a four part comic now.”

Other Redditors were already getting a little bit ahead of themselves. GusPlaysMSM thinks Plo may have hidden knowledge: “Plo knew something no one else did. Probably just an overlook [sic] while making the show.”

Awesium demonstrated impressive powers of observation, pointing out that another character also wore the same items, “Pretty sure Saesee Tinn also has the gauntlets on. They simply reused the models instead of making new ones.”

KranzDad deduced that Plo sported the gauntlets because he the epitome of cool, “Because Plo is a bad m’fee. He didn’t need a war to smack someone around.”

Star Wars fans don’t miss a beat when it comes to inventiveness and humor. Over time their creativity has often influenced the stories told within the franchise. Who knows? Maybe Plo Koon’s futuristic gauntlets may open the door for a new storyline. 

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