Yellowstone‘s Luke Grimes isn’t just singing the Dutton family praises these days; he’s crooning his own country music songs and sharing more about both ventures on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Playing an effortlessly swoon-worthy cowboy on Yellowstone, Grimes is just as dreamy without leaning too much into that as he speaks about his budding country music career. He begins recording his album this February, just months after the debut of his first country single, “No Horse to Ride,” and what the future looks like for the Dutton family.

Well, Grimes didn’t have much to say about the future of Yellowstone, and he had a good reason for it.

“No, I don’t I think so some of the cast know, the end, you know, had been told some have and I didn’t want to know, I don’t and I don’t think I don’t think Taylor Sheridan who writes our show wants me to know, either, just, I don’t know. Yeah, it might — it might affect the way you do something or play something. And it’s kind of fun to experience this way. Anyway. It’s sort of, you know, like life.”

In an interview ahead of the season five premiere, Grimes admitted that he’s not even caught up with the series as a whole. He’s only watched a handful of scenes because he wants to keep playing Kayce Dutton as he has from the beginning. He doesn’t want to see something in an episode that would change how he breathes life into the Dutton cowboy.

Fallon also asked Grimes how to describe his character, noting that fans have drawn conclusions to a power player from The Godfather, Michael Corleone.

“Yeah, that’s been kind of a reference throughout, but we’ll have to see. You know I think that’s what we’re all kind of waiting to see: can he come up and man up and do the things necessary to help the family keep the place or not? I think that’s what we’re all kind of watching to find out.”

Kayce has been asked to step up, recently in a massive way, and as John Dutton waved goodbye to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch — for now, Kayce has some big boots to fill. Here’s hoping the character realizes that as much as the man who plays him does.

Yellowstone may be paused until this summer, but you can catch up with all things from the first four seasons on Peacock, and don’t forget to catch new episodes of 1923 on Paramount Plus each Sunday.

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