With over 60 years of history and 25 movies to choose from, the debate over the best entry in the James Bond franchise is an argument that has never and will never be answered definitively, although everyone would surely agree that GoldenEye is somewhere very near the top.

Following 007’s longest-ever absence from our screens, director Martin Campbell and star Pierce Brosnan teamed up to deliver an instant classic that brought the iconic secret agent back from the brink of cultural extinction, packed the running time with jaw-dropping stunts, classic Bond banter, and almost every single trope and trapping audiences had come to expect.


It was a critical and commercial bonanza for the resurgent saga, but sequel Tomorrow Never Dies failed to live up to expectations. It’s not one of the suave spy’s worst outings by any stretch of the imagination – with Michelle Yeoh a particular standout – but it simply doesn’t exist on the same pedestal as GoldenEye.

And yet, an intrepid Redditor has put forth the unpopular opinion that Brosnan’s second outing under the tux is vastly superior to his first. Based on the replies and comments to be found, though, it’s not exactly a sentiment everyone is finding themselves agreeing with.

In fact, the opposition is incredibly strong and vocal, which is fair enough. Tomorrow Never Dies is good, but GoldenEye is awesome, a clear distinction that even the most apathetic or passive of Bond viewers could surely agree on without hesitation. Thankfully, the “Die Another Day is underrated” discourse has yet to begin.

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