Kasie Faddah has made a strong impression among Below Deck fans so far, but many Below Deck Adventure viewers are confused by Kasie’s unique accent.

While Kasie Faddah’s experience and history with Oriana Schneps have stood out on Below Deck Adventure, what fans have found themselves most interested in, and confused by, is Kasie’s unique accent. The newest Below Deck spin-off, which kicked off on November 1 with Captain Kerry Titheradge at the helm, has taken Bravo viewers away from the franchise’s typical tropical locations and into the beautifully-cold fjords of Norway. Like its sister shows, which have cast yachties from around the world, Below Deck Adventure’s Mercury crew hail from countries including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and The Bahamas.


While certain cast members on Below Deck Adventure have particularly strong accents, like Chef Jess Condy and Below Deck‘s latest fired deckhand Kyle Dickard, American-born Kasie’s is a little harder to pinpoint. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Kasie left the United States for Costa Rica as a teenager after she left the Mormon church like Below Deck Adventure‘s latest charter guest, Heather Gay from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Since Below Deck Adventure‘s premiere, viewers have commented on how Kasie pronounces certain words, but it wasn’t until Oriana claimed that Kasie’s voice has changed between their last charter together and their time on the Mercury that fans truly began to speculate that Kasie’s accent isn’t as natural as it appears.

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Many Below Deck Adventure Fans Think Kasie Faddah’s Accent Is Inconsistent

After Bravo fans caught the December 7 episode of Below Deck Adventure, dozens of viewers alleged in a Reddit thread by u/teanailpolish that Kasie, a self-described adrenaline junkie, might be exaggerating or completely faking her accent. Besides moments where her slightly English accent appears to come and go, Kasie’s recent conversation with her mom stuck out to Below Deck Adventure fans when her mother called out Kasie’s pronunciation of “charades.” One Reddit user said, “I know plenty of Americans who moved to Latin America as teens and none of them sound like Kasie.” Another Below Deck Adventure watcher asked, “didn’t Kasie SAY at some point that she found speaking like a ‘regular American’ boring and that some of her pronunciations were deliberate?”

Below Deck Adventure Fans Give Possible Explanations For Kasie’s Accent

Kasie isn’t the first Bravo star whose vocal patterns have been questioned by viewers. Several Below Deck Adventure fans have also commented on chief steward Faye Clarke’s heavy English accent and have compared both women to Dorit Kemsley from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In another thread by Reddit user u/anmlsnks, several people who claim to know Kasie in real life say that the Below Deck Adventure star’s uncommon voice derives from a mix of her extensive travels and her interesting family background. “I know [Kasie] personally. Her dad is from Finland,” one Reddit user claimed, while another suggested, “I went to middle and high school with Kasie. She never had an accent growing up, so if the accent is genuine, it’s something that developed after she moved away from Sammamish,” a city roughly 30 minutes outside of Seattle.

Although Kasie’s accent will most likely remain a mystery to Below Deck Adventure fans, her time on the Mercury yacht has stood out for plenty of other reasons. Before Kyle’s recent arrest in Texas, the former deckhand’s first strike occurred when he flirted with Kasie in front of their first charter guests. In addition to entertaining Heather and her guests with her flexibility, Kasie and Faye have also had to deal with Oriana’s attempts to become second stew. While viewers will undoubtedly continue to keep an ear out for how Kasie’s voice may change throughout the rest of Below Deck Adventure, there’s a lot more drama and entertainment in store as events continue to unfold.

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Below Deck Adventure airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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