Quantum Leap episode 9 drops a tantalizing clue that may help explain why Ben began traveling in time – is there a traitor in the project?

This article contains spoilers for Quantum Leap episode 9.Quantum Leap episode 9 teases a traitor within the project. NBC’s Quantum Leap relaunch has turned its core concept on its head. The original series focused only on Sam Beckett’s adventures in time, but the relaunch has been just as interested in the project team who exist in the present day. The first half-season finally revealed why; the protagonist, Dr. Ben Song, isn’t trying to rewrite the past all. He’s trying to build up enough temporal momentum to reach the future, averting an impending disaster that will strike the Quantum Leap project.


Ben stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator without authorization or even oversight, a betrayal of trust that has rocked the project team to the core. Quantum Leap‘s midseason finale revealed Ben is trying to save the life of his fiancée, Addison. It’s unclear just how Ben became aware of the future, but a possible solution lies in the revelation there are other leapers traveling through time, people who originate from the future. One could have perhaps crossed Ben’s path, and unwittingly dropped a hint of the threat to Addison’s life. Ben is therefore trying to reach a precise point in spacetime, the moment of Addison’s death, so he can avert it.

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Quantum Leap Hints At A Traitor In The Project Team

Quantum Leap Jenn and Janice

Quantum Leap episode 9 drops an important clue to Ben’s motives. Jenn Chou, Quantum Leap’s head of digital security, successfully tracks down the scientist who helped Ben launch himself into time – Janice Calvicci, daughter of Sam Beckett’s best friend Al. Janice has been a mysterious secondary character so far, and she doesn’t exactly give a lot away during a brief conversation with Jenn; she does, however, raise an important question. She points out that Ben deliberately chose not to involve anyone from the Quantum Leap team, suggesting he didn’t trust them. The clear implication is that Ben believes someone in the team is actually responsible for the coming disaster, and therefore for Addison’s death.

Quantum Leap episode 9 deliberately avoids showing the end of the conversation between Jenn and Janice. Jenn subsequently brings Janice in under arrest, but this seems quite suspicious; it’s reasonable to assume the two women are now working together, having hatched a plan to expose the traitor. Neither Janice nor Jenn has detailed knowledge of the future time Ben is trying to reach – he seems to have only confided a bare minimum in Janice – so they’ll need to work hard to uncover the truth.

Which Quantum Leap Project Member Is A Potential Traitor?

Quantum Leap Ian

This, naturally, raises the disturbing question of which Quantum Leap project member is a potential traitor – and why. It probably isn’t Herbert “Magic” Williams, the project’s head, simply because he’s already in a position of power where he can act without any real oversight at all. That means the most likely candidate is lead programmer Ian Wright, a shocking twist given he’s so trusted. Ben may not know the truth himself; if he did indeed cross paths with another leaper from the future, it’s possible he hasn’t been told the details. Hopefully Ben will indeed travel to the future, providing answers as the story of Quantum Leap season 1 continues.

Episodes of Quantum Leap release on NBC on Mondays at 10 PM ET. Episodes are available for exclusive streaming on Peacock the next day.

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