The horrific collapse of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin during a match with the Cincinnati Bengals has shocked the sporting world, but Hamlin’s name is being used for good as his charity drive has seen a massive spike in donations.

The 24-year-old has used his fame and image for forces of good since he burst onto the professional scene in 2021 with the Bills. Hamlin was the face of the Chasing M’s Foundation Toy Drive, which saw donations go 100 percent towards purchasing toys to go to children in need since 2020.

Beginning with roots in the pandemic, the fund has continued through to 2022 with his most recent Instagram post seeing him share updates from the most recent holiday season’s drive. Since the untimely collapse of Hamlin during the game on Jan. 2, the drive has seen over $700,000 raised, well and truly surpassing its original goal of $2500.

Hamlin is reported to be breathing with aids, with him being transported to a local hospital after nine minutes of CPR on-field. The overall response has been to donate in the name of Hamlin’s charity is very heartwarming, especially with it so recently the Christmas period.

The handling of Hamlin’s collapse by the NFL, however, has been anything but heartwarming. Critics pointed out the failings of the organization and their apparent disinterest in player welfare by asking the teams to return to the field just minutes after Hamlin’s collapse.

The fundraising looks set to hit $1 million should the current rates of donations continue.

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