January 3rd’s Wordle puzzle is about committing a playful act that could draw attention and is often considered whimsically lighthearted.

January 3rd’s Wordle puzzle throws a wrench at players by using a complicated word that describes a funny act that draws attention. While the word itself can have various meanings, the answer is usually used in a playful context. However, to solve today’s Wordle answer, players might want to use attempts that feature multiple vowels in different spots. However, many players might find themselves stuck even after discovering the two vowels due to the nature of the word.


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Today’s puzzle is much easier to solve if players use Wordle’s hard mode. This mode particularly comes in handy for words such as today’s answer as it does not let players reuse previously discovered correct letters in different spots. While this might force the hand of some players, it is usually beneficial for developing new strategies and different approaches to tackling daily Wordle puzzles. If players find themselves stuck using this mode, they could use clues that give them a better idea about the answer.

Today’s Wordle Hints (January 3rd #563)

Wordle 503 November 4 Attempt on a black background

Much like other vocabulary games like Crosswords, Wordle is often solved using hints that aren’t provided by the game. Since the game provides hints subtly, it often confuses players and subsequently results in sacrificing their daily streak. However, to preserve that streak, players can use the three hints found below that might help solve January 3rd’s Wordle puzzle:

Hint 1

an attention-drawing, often wildly playful or funny act or action

Hint 2

whimsically lighthearted

Hint 3

My ____ got me suspended from school (fill in the blank)

Today’s Wordle Answer (January 3rd #563)

Wordle 510 November 11 Letters

The January 3rd Wordle answer is ANTIC.

Solving today’s Wordle puzzle will require players to use words that have at least two vowels. Suspecting that today’s puzzle might have repeating letters, we used the word ATTIC on the very first attempt. This resulted in identifying the correct positions of four letters from today’s Wordle answer. From there, it was easy to solve today’s answer using the word ANTIC.

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