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Hot on the heels of Warner Bros. Discovery purging HBO Max of Seasons 16-31 of the original “Looney Tunes” library, it appears they have done the same for “The Flintstones”.

Seasons 4-6 of the Hanna-Barbera classic, a total of 78 episodes, have been removed. The first three seasons are still available on the service.

The reasoning has been found to be Warner Bros. Discovery was licensing that content out to HBO Max in an intra-company agreement that expired at the end of 2022 – an agreement HBO Max decided not to renew to reduce content expenses.

It’s unclear whether the removed “The Flintstones” or “Looney Tunes” content will be made available on other streaming platforms. All this comes ahead of Warner Bros. Discovery prepping a merged HBO Max-Discovery+ platform, set to launch in the U.S. in the spring of 2023.

Source: Variety

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