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It’s not unexpected, but one series that seemingly won’t be getting a modern revival is 1997-2003’s beloved “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” – a show that influenced a whole generation of teens and twentysomethings.

There are various reasons that is the case, but one big one is lead actress Sarah Michelle Gellar who, speaking with SFX this week, says she has no plans to return to the role as when asked if she’d be interested in playing Buffy Summers again she gave a definitive “I’m not” answer.

Intriguingly Gellar goes on to explain that her reasoning for not doing it has little to do with the many allegations of workplace misconduct and abuse revealed about series creator Joss Whedon. Gellar herself went on the record last year about the show having an “extremely toxic” behind-the-scenes environment.

Rather she says her biggest reservation in regards to doing more ties to the quality of the series and how the original and highly acclaimed seven-season run of the original could find its quality undermined by her returning to take over as an adult:

“I am very proud of the show that we created, and [a revival] doesn’t need to be done. I am all for them continuing the story because there’s the story of female empowerment. I love the way the show was left: ‘Every girl who has the power can have the power.’ It’s set up perfectly for someone else to have the power.”

She adds that the metaphors of the series were about the horrors of adolescence, and she adds she is “not an adolescent” anymore. The comments come at an interesting time as Gellar will soon be seen in the Paramount+ supernatural teen drama series “Wolf Pack” which hails from “Teen Wolf” series creator Jeff Davis.

Said “Teen Wolf” series drew major inspiration from “Buffy” throughout its run and is getting a revival this year with the teens very much adults with their own kids now. Despite the similar titles and shared creator, the shows aren’t connected.

Rodrigo Santoro, Armani Jackson and Bella Shepard co-star in “Wolf Pack” which premieres January 26th.

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