Hey! It’s-a me! Chris Pratt’s Mustache-io! The Super Mario Bros. Movie star Chris Pratt tweeted out his seasonal good wishes for a happy coming year on New Year’s Day and included a snap of his wife, Katherine, and some seemingly brand-new foliage on his upper lip. And yes, the Mario fans were not holding back on their opinions.

The Star-Lord actor posed on what appeared to be an outdoor bar patio side-by-side with his wife, self-help author Katherine Schwarzenegger, sporting a new set of lip whiskers — which didn’t really bear that much resemblance to the Mario of Nintendo fame that Pratt will be voicing in the upcoming film. The new ‘stache looked more like Pratt was getting ready to film a new western. Or perhaps it’s the look he’ll be sporting in the Russo Brothers’ The Electric State, slated to come out next year.

Whatever the reason for his new lip warmer, Fans were quick to point out that Pratt and Mario now had (at least) a mustache in common. Pratt’s casting as the omnipresent plumber protagonist of the long-running video game franchise has drawn a lot of ire from fans, many of whom find little resemblance between Pratt’s own persona and that of Mario himself.

Despite the contention around Pratt’s casting, however, fan reaction seemed evenly split between Pratt supporters giving their thumbs up and hardcore haters who weren’t granting the Guardian of the Galaxy any slack. A significant amount of Pratt supporters who weren’t wearing their Mario fandom on their sleeves also seemed to like the new look, with many seeing a resemblance between the newly-mustachioed Pratt and ex-Batman Christian Bale.

However, it may have nothing to do with Mario whatsoever. Maybe Pratt is just taking a strong “method” style approach to his next voiceover role: Garfield.

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