If there’s anything that the internet at large seems to love, it’s a celebrity that is as engrossed by gaming as the rest of us are. Henry Cavill is usually the first such famous face that springs to mind, given his well-documented love of PC gaming and all things Warhammer. 

However, Chloë Grace Moretz is certainly giving him a run for his money with how much she loves to chat gaming over on Twitter – and she’s made it abundantly clear that she’s jonesing to sit herself down in front of her overpowered PC and enjoy her hobby.

While Moretz has made her penchant for Call of Duty: Warzone known, it seems she has her sights set on a bit of a genre switch for a time. When asked what she’ll be playing when she finds the time, she gave a very simple, straightforward, and quite frankly tasteful answer.

We’re presuming she’s getting stuck into the 2018 soft reboot rather than the recently released Ragnarok, given that’s the only title currently available for PC, but we could be wrong, she’s sure to have PS5 money after all. If it is in fact Ragnarok, perhaps she could refresh her game knowledge with our quiz on how well you know Kratos

In either case, Moretz is set to enjoy a phenomenal game – after all, the God of War 2018 won Game of the Year, whereas Ragnarok was just bested by Elden Ring, at least as far as The Game Awards are concerned (let’s be honest, it was a coin toss between the two). 

In fact, we thought God of War Ragnarok elevated the bar for how video games as a medium can tell stories. Beyond the credits rolling, we also had a few thoughts on where Kratos could go next, given that Santa Monica Studio confirmed that Ragnarok was the final chapter in the franchise’s Norse saga. 

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