In Mike Donahue and Jen Silverman’s short film Troy, couple Thea (Adina Verson) and Charlie (Michael Braun) live in their small New York apartment with paper-thin walls. Next door is their neighbor Troy (Florian Klein), whom they’ve never met. All they know about Troy is he likes to have sex…really loud erotic sex…24/7.

At first, the couple is annoyed by this situation, but annoyance quickly turns into curiosity. Who is this Troy? Why are random men showing up at his apartment? These questions prompt the pair to snoop through Troy’s personal life, and while scouring the internet, they stumble upon his escort website.

“All they know about Troy is he likes to have sex…really loud erotic sex…24/7.”

Troy is a fun and dark comedy that starts with a relatively familiar premise of an average couple forced to listen to a stranger have better sex than them. Donahue and Silverman then take the story to cringe levels as Thea and Charlie go full private investigator into Troy’s life—going as far as hiring a fake client to grab some intel.

The short itself has a professional cinematic feel. The entire short screams New York. The film’s tone is grounded despite its outrageous plot. Leads Adina Verson and Michael Braun play a typical couple taking us on an adventure that those of us, typical couples, have dreamed of going on.

Troy fulfills the requirement for a nice, safe, short film about raunchy sex. It’s funny, and it’s fun with a heartfelt ending.

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