After three years of estrangement, Mark (Bradley Costas) returns home to visit his ailing father, James (Mitchell Rad), for the last time in Matthew Paris’ short film, The Last Catch. Unfortunately, what should be a somber visit quickly turns combative as Mark’s mother, Linda (Joy Leigh), outright disapproves of his girlfriend, Whitney (Marielle Taimanglo), and Mark unloads a lifetime of his father’s disappointment for pushing him too hard as a father and little league coach. But it’s James who takes the first uncertain step toward reconciliation before he passes.

The Last Catch is a story of forgiveness and restoration. Of course, every family wants to start by being a happy one, but inevitably as children become independent, the bond slowly starts to break. Filmmaker Matthew Paris’ short film digs right into the heart of a family torn apart and a father’s dying wish for restoration.

“After three years of estrangement, Mark returns home to visit his ailing father…”

Paris’ film is a sweet story and only suffers from its low budget and production values. Right away, the sound is an issue. It appears the entire film was redubbed in the end, and it doesn’t sound like natural dialogue. Let’s also face it. Those soured by life will have a hard time with an overall cheerful ending.

The Last Catch is intent on making the world a better place. It’s sad that even today, good intentions are seen as a negative. That said, it’s never too late to take the high road and forgive one’s family.

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