The Office season 5 episode “Stress Relief” featured a fake movie called Mrs. Albert Hannaday starring Jack Black and Cloris Leachman — here’s the fake Mrs. Hannaday movie explained. The Office is based on the acclaimed Ricky Gervais (After Life) BBC series of the same name. The American version of The Office debuted in 2005 and has arguably overshadowed its predecessor in terms of popularity. The show featured breakout roles for Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, and John Krasinski, among many others. There have also been a few celebrity cameos, including Jack Black and Cloris Leachman in a trailer for a fake movie called Mrs. Albert Hannaday.


The Office showrunners and writers tended to avoid having major stars appear on the show to make it feel somewhat grounded. They worked around this rule in a clever way for season 5’s two-part episode “Stress Relief,” however. The main plot involves Michael trying to reduce office stress — only to realize he’s a big part of why his employees are so anxious. A subplot involves Jim and Pam watching the Mrs. Hannaday movie with Andy (Ed Helms, The Hangover). This fake movie is called Mrs. Albert Hannaday, where Jack Black’s character is introduced to his fiancée’s (Jessica Alba) grandmother, played by Cloris Leachman, and they begin a passionate affair. The in-show trailer for Mrs. Albert Hannaday was so well-made that some viewers wondered if it was actually real. The Mrs. Hannaday movie from The Office is, however, fake. Here’s The Office Mrs. Hannaday movie explained.

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Mrs. Albert Hannaday Is Not A Real Movie

the office mrs albert hannaday jack black

Perhaps for the best, the Jack Black/Jessica Alba cameo the Mrs. Hannaday movie is an entirely fictional movie that exists in The Office purely for comedic purposes. The episode includes brief glimpses of the fake rom-com throughout, including a steamy scene where Black helps Leachman out of her bath, and they make out, and a later scene where she breaks up with him. The Office episode ends with Mrs. Albert Hannaday‘s final scene as Black’s character arrives at her house with flowers and a new walker, only to look through the window and see her with a new young lover — he walks away heartbroken. Another gag that recurs throughout this episode of The Office involves Jim and Pam talking about Pam’s parents breaking up, with Andy mistaking their comments for amazing insights into Mrs. Albert Hannaday.

Mrs. Albert Hannaday Is A Lot More Detailed Than You Realize

Jim Andy and Pam watch Mrs. Albert Hannaday

Mrs. Albert Hannaday was obviously not a real film and doesn’t exist beyond the trailer seen in The Office. What most don’t know about the Mrs. Hannaday movie is that a lot more went into its production than the series shows on the surface. Mrs. Albert Hannaday was made to look as real as possible, which meant that filming was done outside of The Office for the Super Bowl episode. In addition, the fake film has its own authentic soundtrack, with songs like “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hall and Oates and “All Out of Love” by Air Supply being included. There are even scenes from the movie that were cut from the finished product and never made it into the episode, such as when Jack Black‘s Sam meets Cloris Leachman’s Lily’s new boyfriend, played by screenwriter Nate Federman.

Other Celebrity Guest Appearances On The Office

David Brent talking to someone in The Office UK

Although Black, Alba, and Leachman’s roles in Mrs. Albert Hannaday are some of The Office‘s sneakiest celebrity cameos, the series also made increasing use of such guest appearances in its later seasons, despite the initial effort not to do so. Some of the most noteworthy cameos include Ricky Gervais as David Brent, Michael Scott’s counterpart from the British version of The Office, Josh Groban as Andy’s brother in a few episodes, Stephen Colbert as Andy’s friend Broccoli Rob, plus Idris Elba, Christian Slater, and Will Ferrell in several minor recurring roles. Warren Buffett, Will Arnett, Ray Romano, and Jim Carrey all pop up in The Office‘s season 7 finale, “Search Committee.” While each of these cameos is iconic and hilarious in its own way, Mrs. Albert Hannaday still stands out as one of the zaniest cameos on The Office.

The Office’s “Stress Relief” episode aired during Super Bowl XLIII in 2009, which helped make it the highest-rated episode of the entire show. “Stress Relief” was also designed to be something of a gateway episode for new viewers to The Office, since none of the stories involved intimate knowledge of the previous seasons. This extends to the cameo appearances of Black, Alba, and Leachman in Mrs. Albert Hannaday, which didn’t involve them interacting with any of the characters on the show.

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The Office’s Other Fake Movie Can Be Viewed Online

The Mrs. Hannaday movie isn’t the only fake movie feature in The Office. The Michael Scott-written and directed movie (starring him as the main character) Threat Level Midnight was first introduced in The Office season 2, episode 7, “The Client”, where Jim discovers the script and has a table read with the rest of his co-workers. Much later, The Office season 7, episode 17, “Threat Level Midnight” sees Erin telling the rest of the office that Michael has finished his masterpiece, and they are all going to watch it — and the entire fake movie is available online.

Through the official The Office YouTube channel, the fake movie Threat Level Midnight can be viewed in its entirety. While most of it is in the episode, there are some scenes that were cut, but now that footage has been revealed. The Mrs. Hannaday movie, however, can only be seen in that particular episode of The Office, and it’s unclear if there’s extra footage that didn’t make it in. Either way, The Office fans are simply begging for a full cut of Mrs. Albert Hannaday, and maybe one day they’ll get their wish.

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