The period mystery sci-fi drama “1899,” by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar who created the acclaimed series “Dark,” has been cancelled at Netflix after just one season.

The multilingual German series premiered on November 17th on the service and followed a group of European emigrants travelling on the cross-Atlantic steamship Cerberus when strange things started to occur.

The group encountered another ship that had completely disappeared months earlier. Inexplicable phenomena soon begin to take place before the first season ends on a wild cliffhanger that would reset the show for a second season.

The makers previously said they had plans for the series to run three seasons, and thus the series ends before its time. bo Odar posted a message to fans of the series on their Instagram account saying:

“With a heavy heart, we have to tell you that 1899 will not be renewed. We would have loved to finish this incredible journey with a 2nd and 3rd season as we did with Dark. But sometimes things don’t turn out the way you planned.

That’s life. We know this will disappoint millions of fans out there. But we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you were a part of this wonderful adventure. We love you. Never forget.”

Reviews of the series, for the most part, were positive about the directing, cinematography, acting, etc. but the show was criticised for its slow pacing and didn’t have the stellar scores that “Dark” received across its run.

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