Warning: Major spoilers for Glass Onion to follow.

We saw quite a curious collection of original Netflix films rear its head during 2022. From The Gray Man‘s poor dollar-to-quality ratio, to Chris Hemsworth’s rare, if divisive, turn as a villain in Spiderhead, to the delightfully-conceived but questionably-treated Wendell & Wild, this batch has more or less proven that there’s a bit more ground to tread in the young territory of original films on streaming services.

If there was any exception that proved such a rule, Rian Johnson‘s Glass Onion would be it. Being the follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2019 murder mystery, Knives Out, it had quite the reputation to live up to. As we all assumed would be the case, it was indeed another homerun from the Benoit Blanc files, leaving fans old and new dreaming of where Daniel Craig’s delightful detective could end up next.

As is the burden of all art, Glass Onion, too, was subject to criticisms, with most of them taking the form of perceived plot holes. One such attempt at critique pointed out how Miles sending one of his enigmatic invitations to Andi made absolutely no sense, seeing as how he had murdered her at that point.

However, as one user was happy to point out on r/FanTheories, such a critique only makes sense if one doesn’t consider the film’s most prominent points of cohesion—Miles Bron is a man of disgustingly palpable stupidity.

Indeed, as the redditor points out above, the timeline of the film’s events combined with Miles’ completely detached negligence could easily lead one to believe that he arranged the Glass Onion getaway long before Andi became too dangerous for him to keep alive. Since he’s certainly a character who fills the archetype of socially-removed billionaire who haphazardly throws money at every problem, assuming it will sort itself out after, it’s not hard to believe that he forgot about his Glass Onion mailing list the moment he stepped away from it.

Glass Onion is available to stream on Netflix.

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