A Criminal Minds TikTok imagines characters Hotch, Morgan, Garcia, Rossi, and more as anime characters with a new filter, and it looks great on them.

A Criminal Minds TikTok uses the viral anime filter on characters, proving they would look great in a manga cartoon. Since premiering on CBS in 2005, Criminal Minds has remained one of the most popular crime dramas on television. Created by Jeff Davis, the series follows the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit as they track, profile, and uncover the country’s most dangerous criminals. Starring an ensemble cast, Criminal Minds spawned a multimedia franchise over time. This includes two spinoffs – Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and a recent reboot, Criminal Minds: Evolution, which took the series to streaming on Paramount+.


Now, Criminal Minds is the latest series to get imagined as anime, with TikTok creator Ceri using the viral AI Manga filter on characters, proving they look great no matter what. Hotch, Morgan, Garcia, Rossi, and more got the manga-style treatment. As it turns out, the filter looks very real and impressive on the fan-favorite characters. Watch the video below:

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Why Criminal Minds Remains A Beloved TV Show

Criminal Minds Anime TikTok Viral

There is no doubt Criminal Minds has garnered an impressive fan base as one of the longest-running crime dramas on television. Despite the countless police procedural series that come and go, Criminal Minds has stayed, and, while meant to end with season 15, it was clear viewers could not get enough content from the franchise. Thus, the reboot, Criminal Minds: Evolution, was born. However, what sets it apart from other crime investigation series is how it pays special attention to its characters, giving them each a unique backstory and developing them over time. Each Criminal Minds character has their own set of flaws, and this allows viewers to feel connected and relate to them in a way that is often overlooked in other crime series. An example of this is Agent Rossi (Joe Mantegna), who has married and divorced three separate times throughout the series, and to this day, struggles with relationships and intimacy.

On the other hand, Criminal Minds never shies away from highlighting the eccentricity of its characters. While most police procedurals feature serious, straight-laced law officers solving crimes, Criminal Minds celebrates the idiosyncrasies of the BAU’s analysts, which include Garcia’s (Kirsten Vangsness) quirky personality and over-the-top style. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) believes himself to be slightly schizophrenic, and his portrayer has stated he believes Reid to be autistic as well. Criminal Minds has brought a unique array of crime drama characters to life, and that helps it stand out.

Finally, while most police procedurals focus on the actual crime or event they are investigating, Criminal Minds takes it a step further by allowing viewers to grow up alongside its characters. Although they are the FBI’s brightest and best, they have made some grave mistakes throughout their time at the BAU, thus allowing room for growth and improvement. While Criminal Minds continues to hang some of its most beloved characters’ fates in the air with Evolution, much to fans’ dismay, there’s no denying its lasting legacy on crime television.

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